I have no words

New Piccadilly Cafe, London

BBC London picked up on the closure of the beautiful New Piccadilly Cafe, you can watch the video clip here.

Meet Lorenzo, watch the waiters in their white uniforms, hear the bells of the cash register, enjoy the gargling pink coffee machine, check out the funky 50’s menu card and recognize scenes of The Girl in the Cafe.

And feel sad, angry, frustrated and heart broken about the fact that this is happening. That’s what I do.

6 thoughts to “I have no words”

  1. It surely is sad. The Girl in the Cafe has to find another cafe…
    Maybe you can buy the “New Piccadilly”-sign when the cafe closes ?

  2. It makes me sad just reading about it. I hope you find another café to cheer you up when needed and to inspire you.

  3. i know… i’ve been going there for nearly 25 years. i will never walk down denman street again once it’s gone. i can’t. i get choked just thinking about it. at the same time i really wish nothing but the best for lorenzo and the guys in the picc. god bless them and thanks for all the great times, cappuccinos, meals and memories.

  4. @Claire – that’s exactly how I feel. I get choked walking through Denman St already now. I can’t believe this is happening.

    Of course I also wish the best for Lorenzo and the guys.


    “it welcomed rock ‘n’ rollin’ teens, revolutionaries, beatniks and displaced Europeans looking for a bit of home.”

    You are spot on with your description, I was a displaced European and that Cafe was my home. London will never be the same again without it,

  5. Ingrid, I’d been to London 10 times before I walked into the New Piccadilly. Frankly, it was like stepping into a new space time continuum, like passing into a different dimension free of Subway, Starbucks, et al. Time seemed to pass more slowly that night, an unhurried atmosphere you could soak in. For a visiting American in love with England, it was pure joy.

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