The breathing in my neck and music from the movies

“So …” Davy begins.
“So” I say, knowing that something is coming.
“How many pages have you written of your 90 page feature film script?”
“Ehrm, well ….”
“Ahrr, I thought so.”
“Yeah, but you know, Dan and June … They hold my head hostage at the moment.”
“You will be in trouble if you don’t start soon. November remember.”
“I … *deep sigh* know”. And I do, I really do. And it worries and stresses me a bit.
“Which is why I made a plan.”

“Good. I normally like your plans”.
“I thought that a bit of pressure and motivation would do you good”
“It ehrm might. What – have you done?”
“I put you on a course for people in your situation. 2 days a month for six months in the weekend, at the end of it you are holding a completely written first feature film draft in your hand.”
“Not bad eh?”
“No. Ehrm. No. Sounds good. When does it start?”
“Holy. Man. I am tired. And it is going to be a row in my head you know.”
“You will be fine.”
“But is there space enough for Dan and June and Will and Nik you think?”
“Will and Nik? Who are they?”
“They are, well, they are in my 90 page script. Do you think they will get along?”
“Are they nice people?”
“Then there won’t be any problem.”
“No. The only the problem is that I also have a job to take care of.”
“Yeah. Stop moaning, get writing. And to motivate you even more …”
“Pfff. What??”
“I bought some tickets for this as well.”
“Wha? Royal Albert Hall? Music from the Movies!
“How cool! I have never been there!”
“Have you seen who’s coming?”
“Alan Rickman, Catherine Deneuve, Dame Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Richard E. Grant, Robbie Coltrane, Sir Derek Jacobi, Timothy Spall, just to mention a few.”
“That is awesome. I don’t know what to say”
“I know you-know-who is missing but …”
“You can’t have it all, I guess. This looks fabulous.”

It definitely does. We’ll have to be a bit patient though, it’s on Sunday the 28th October, bu that time my script has hopefully grown to something more substantial.

The writing course’ first two days is tomorrow and Sunday from 10-16pm, it’s a NPA course for those interested. I hope to visit the Cafe too this weekend. I need more hours in my days, but Davy can breathe in my neck like this any time he likes.

And while we are talking about you-know-who anyway, the latest news on Bill Nighy’s next Silksounding book choice is that Bill is considering reading Dracula (which is at this moment the most popular in the poll) but he would also like to consider a humorous character. If you haven’t voted yet, you can still do so – the poll’s opening hours have been extended as Bill hasn’t begun reading yet.

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