The Face on the Wall and more

Shoreditch, London

It was a good day. I think.

  • Our screen writing teacher is the best teacher I have ever had. Never seen anybody as passionate about screen writing, film and story telling as he is. I am quite sure that I will learn loads from him, and I am also sure that he will be able to help me with my story. He is extraordinary. And inspiring.
  • We are 11 in the class, which is a nice size. 11 people, 11 stories, and I seem to be the only one (again) who is going to write a romance. Or love story. Or romantic comedy. Ask me again when it’s finished, as my stories seem to get lives of their own, so I don’t know what it will end up being yet. Rest assured that there is Love involved though.
  • Our class exists of actors, screen writers and film makers (and me trying to tag along). I told some people about my short, and they agreed about one thing: no way that I can shoot it all in 2 days. 5 days is more like it. Which has serious consequences for my budget. But I think they are right. It is in fact a mini feature disguised as a short film. I don’t want to think about that right now.
  • I think June is one of my class mates. She told me that she is an actress and a writer. I told here that I was making a film. I told her the story about Dan and June. She loved it and was very interested. She looks like June is supposed to look, she has the right age and has even been a painter/artist (which June is in my story) so I might be very lucky here.
  • Yesterday I saw 2 days in Paris, which I expected to be great. It wasn’t. It was boring, and I didn’t care for either of the main characters. I quickly got tired of their ongoing moaning. (6/10)
  • I saw Knocked Up today. I expected it to be crap. It wasn’t. It was great. Seth Rogen was cute, tender and true. (8.5/10)
  • I shot a couple of nice graffiti shots in Shoreditch (which is where my course is held). Will post some of them. The first one, a bigger version of The Face On The Wall, is up
  • Even though I thought it was Sunday when I woke up and it is tough being in class the whole weekend when having a full time job: I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow.

3 thoughts to “The Face on the Wall and more”

  1. An inspiring teacher, a potencial June and you can’t wait to get back to class – sounds just brilliant, I’m so glad to hear all that :)

  2. @grigorisgirl – thank you, I am quite pleased with it as well. Never go anywhere without a camera is my advice (this picture is taken with my pocket IXUS60). And the light was just right for this one.

    @jill – it was a good day, I guess :)

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