‘Cause You give me something

Buses in London

I think I was the only person smiling this morning at Victoria Station.

If you wonder who the most powerful people in London are I can tell you that it’s not the politicians. It’s the people running the tube. And today, and the next three days they are striking, which means that London’s transport system is more or less laying on its a**. There are only 2 tube lines running in the whole city, the rest is suspended and Victoria station was a complete mess.

Luckily I can take the bus to work. Unluckily the people who normally take the tube to work now took my bus, so the queue for the bus was huge. When I, after quite a wait, was about to enter the bus – it closed its doors right in front of me. I saw the temper of the people around me rising.

Mine didn’t. Because I had Will right beside me and my love+rock iPod in my pocket and James Morrison in my ear. What more can one ask for? I am currently trapped in two of his songs, one of which made me realize something about my script. I often get inspiration from song lyrics.

“Here is your song” I told Will “It’s about how you are going to feel, not too long from now”.
“And I’ll make sure that you won’t be that second too late.”

Audio no longer available.

I started writing around 11pm yesterday, I had to stop myself at 2am in order to get some sleep and to be able to make it to work today. But the story is shaping itself in my head. There are still loads of pages to fill, more than I want to think about, but luckily I don’t need to write the whole story yet, “only” the first 30 pages.

Only 30 pages. Blimey.

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