I put on two kisses

Two men on a DVD cover

I don’t know why it took me this long, I guess because I all the time hoped that it wouldn’t close. That and because I am shy. So I waited for a quiet moment where there weren’t too many people around.

It’s more than a year ago, I talked about it with him. And suddenly there is only two and a half week left before it’s over and done with THE Cafe.

“Of course. Where do you want me to write?”

“Anywhere you want”
“How did Bill get there??”
“I saw him in New York”
“Yeah, I went to see him in a play”
“You know what table they filmed it on right?”
“I do”
“I still haven’t seen the film!”
“Really! You have to see it! You do have it don’t you?”
“Yes. I just need to find the time for it. I don’t want to see it half an hour here, half an hour there. I want to see it in one go.”
“Good idea. It’s a great film.”
“Shall I put the date on it?”
“Yes that’s fine.”
“It’s the third today”
“Well the fourth actually.”
“Oh, I wrote the wrong date!”
“No problem. I won’t tell anyone.”
He writes his name.
“I put on two kisses. Bill put only one.”

That’s two-one for Lorenzo, Bill.

7 thoughts to “I put on two kisses”

  1. Now that’s a DVD to hang on to. Er, talking about hanging on to things, have you asked about that table? I suppose it’s not going to be needed after they close the café. Wouldn’t it look nice somewhere in your flat?

  2. That is so nice of Lorenzo to write something on your DVD.
    Maybe he can`t see de film yet because it`s too emotional for him, seeing his lovely café and have to close it now after so many years, I feel sorry for him too, and also for you Ingrid, I can imagine how you feel.

  3. So now you ‘ll have to find a new place to hang out ?
    Maybe you can have THE table…
    and have it in you own appartment ?
    Lorenze wouldn ‘t mind, I think.

  4. The Table – let me have a think about that. I have no idea what they will do with the interior. I read in an interview with Lorenzo somewhere that he wants to have it all pulverized when he leaves. He doesn’t want anyone to have it.

    @Pedro: he definitely is as eccentric as an actor, but he isn’t one. He would not be totally miscasted for Dan though.

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