No you can’t have 20%

20 percent off your Bill

Believe it or not, this is a post about Life, the Universe and Everything. Silliness guaranteed though.

Yes, I know the above image is childish. But hey.

  • I read an interesting article on lifehack about the things in life that will make sure you stay young. In your head and heart that is. I don’t think about it that much, but this list is pretty much spot on, and not that far from how I try to live my life.
    • Experience Joy in the Small Things in life.
    • Uncensored Creativity
    • Happiness, Silliness, Laughter
    • Playfulness
    • Excitement
    • Day Dreaming
    • Curiosity

    Maybe in my life, the silliness and day dreaming have taken over a bit. But generally I think this list works.

    I like to add my personal tips for staying young:

    • space travelling & flying (not in a plane!) (as often as you can)
    • watch movies with Bill in it (as often as you can)
    • eat pink shrimps (as often as you can)
    • let your heart win over your mind (as often as you can)
    • no idea is too silly to try (my life is living proof)
  • Talking about crazy ideas: I have a new one. I’ll have to see if I can realize it, I will know that in a week or two and let you know if it is a go. Let’s say that Happiness, Silliness, Laughter, Excitement and Day Dreaming are all involved. That and a serious longing. I’ll keep you posted.
  • It’s going to be a music weekend this weekend. Tomorrow I will go and hear Jamie Cullum, sorry but his music makes me happy. If that concert is only half as good as his concert in Aarhus, then I will be flying.
  • On Sunday I am going to catch up with my past. Not something I would make a habit of, but this time I had to. The Police is playing in Twickenham, and I and 54.999 other people are going to go out of their minds on So Lonely, Roxanne, Don’t Stand So Close To Me and Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic. (Joy and Excitement) No I don’t fancy Sting, and no the magic song is not about him.
  • While I am typing this post an e-mail rolled in: I am selected for a free(!) 2 days (a weekend) workshop called “NPA workshop:Producing a Short Film”. The course is organized by WIDE (Women in Digital Entertainment) and organized in cooperation with NPA which is the organization where I do my fantastic screen writing course. Excitement and Happiness is all around. Did I say it was free? This is awesome! (it’s next weekend)
  • Talking about screen writing course: you are of course dying to know how many pages I have written already. Mostly because you expect that I haven’t written anything at all yet. Wrong! I have written 13 pages! They are maybe not perfect, but it’s a start, and as soon as I have 30 I will start polishing them. (Uncensored Creativity and Experience Joy in the Small Things in life)
  • I am in doubt: Is this Jim Morrison or not?
  • What are you going to do this weekend?

7 thoughts to “No you can’t have 20%”

  1. Splendid! How did you get selected for the workshop? And way to go with the writing! 13 pages already :) you rock.

    to answer your question: I’m going to Brussels to visit my dad.

  2. Pink shrimps!! I can remember when they were two a penny (old penny at that!!) When my kids were small I thought they must experience the pink shrimp experience but deary me these modern ones are all rubbery, the old ones were superb! BTW do they still do flying saucers? (Rice paper filled with sherbert)

    I shall be singing along with The Police on Saturday at Twickenham!

    Congratulations on the 13 pages!

    I think that is Jim but his appearance changed drastically in a few years so difficult to say for certain.

  3. @Anna – I don’t know how I got selected. Among other things you had to write why you thought you would need the course – with my Cookie film in the pipeline, this course is really great. Maybe that convinced them, I don’t know really.

    Enjoy Brussels!

    @Grigorisgirl – Pink Shrimps are the best. And YAY for the Police, enjoy!! Look forward to read your review.

    I have never seen them live before so I am pretty exited and look forward to it. I might even buy a t-shirt :) I was a HUGE fan when I was young.

  4. Yes, they play at the Arena. Not the best sound, but who cares..It was a surprise from a friend, so even more fun!

  5. Lots of good things are coming your way, Ingrid. I am happy to hear that … I agree with the ‘see every film with Bill in it’ sentiment too. Hope you enjoyed the concert.

    It has been a wall stenciling weekend for me.

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