I could have danced all night

(Here is a larger picture of Jamie Cullum)

I was going to do a small post about the Jamie Cullum concert yesterday. But I guess you know me by now.

When I saw Jamie Cullum playing in Forum, Kentish Town yesterday I realized a couple of things.

He really needs a haircut.

Jamie has a more than cute older brother, a fantastic bass player who was on stage with him. His name is

The concert was different from what I expected. It was an electro set, and I honestly had no idea what that meant. It meant that there wasn’t a band, only Jamie and Ben, and a funky little machine that did all the beats. This was quite cool, but the set list didn’t contain any songs I had heard before, and the music they played ended in long improvised pieces which, sorry Jamie, after 20 minutes, made me want to fall asleep. They obviously had fun on stage though.

I stood next to 2 guys who were huge Jamie fans. And I mean huge. It was fun to hear them talk about him like only true fans do. It convinced me even more that it is good to have people that inspire you. For me personally it is an absolute necessity. I couldn’t write a word without it.

On my left side were two girls who were huge Jamie fans as well. I think I could sense their disappointment about the set list as well, but they did their very best no to show it. One of the girls wrote everything down in a note book. We were standing right in front of the stage, there was no fence so our bags and coats lay on the stage. She had her notebook open on the stage as well and wrote down everything he said, every move he made and every song he performed. It was kind of weird.

When I saw Jamie messing about on stage I realized that I forgot one very important thing on my list.


Things get so much more interesting and fun when there is passion involved. Whether it is being a musician or a wannabe screen writer.

Talking of which, I have to go and see if I can get my page count up. But first I have to buy some milk and eat breakfast, which today will be Kellogs Cheerios with Maltesers. “Wow!” I hear you think, “can you buy that in the UK?” No. I put in the Maltesers myself. And my colleagues think that’s crazy.

That’s because they have never tried.

4 thoughts to “I could have danced all night”

  1. I thought of JC as a strange phenomenon. A great jazz pianist and a mediocre singer. I liked the album (Twentysomething) and couldn’t wait to get me Catching Tales. And that was a thing I shouldn’t have done. What a disappointment. I guess I’m more of an old school jazz-type…
    Cheerios with Maltesers? You must be jokin’.

  2. I do like Jamie Cullum’s take on Radiohead’s High & Dry – he really gets inside the song. A breakfast favourite for me porridge and maple syrup… Good luck with today’s writing.

  3. I haven’t visited you for a while now… I’m glad I did. Passion – it truly makes things in life far better. Cheerios with Maltesers – I should try it. I love Maltesers, but only ever buy a small bag. Otherwise I can down them faster than speed of light.

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