The Police – Twickenham, London

The Police, Twickenham - London
If you find your binoculars you can spot them somewhere on stage.

WOW!! That was an awesome trip on memory lane.

  • I felt 15 all over again. It was fantastic to be able to sing along to every single song they played.
  • And they played nearly all my favourite songs, including King of Pain and Driven to Tears.
  • Sting didn’t look any different from how I remembered him from the 80’s. He had dyed his hair blond, but he looks marvelous for a man of 55. And his voice is amazing. Nothing has changed, really.
  • So did Andy Summers and he is 64! He was jumping around on stage like a madman, and playing the guitar like a master. Funky solos!
  • I suddenly remembered that I actually always (secretly, the rest of the world fancied Sting) liked Stewart Copeland best. When I saw him again I realized that I still do. He looked funky with his gray hair and cool specs. I guess already at 15 lanky funky Brits men (he is American – I had no idea!) did it for me.
  • Chicken skin when 55.000 people sung “Every little thing he does is magic”. What an awesome crowd.
  • Twickenham stadium is HUGE! I had no idea it was this big. It also has been a while since I have been to a stadium concert like this. I think the last time for me was the Simple Minds in Rotterdam, which was also in the 80’s.
  • Even though it took me 25 years to finally see them live, I was very happy to see them in London. It somehow all made sense. And I so love London for all it has to offer. I should have moved here years ago.
  • I didn’t buy one but two t-shirts (I couldn’t choose). And if I didn’t have an important meeting with customers tomorrow, I would wear one of them to work.
  • Talking about that meeting. My train to Crewe, where I will stay 2 days, leaves at 7.14am from London Euston. Which means I have to stand up at 6 am. I hate standing up this early. And I better get some sleep right now.
  • But not before I have told you this – the script page count is up on 19 pages at the moment! I have passed half way and there are only 11 pages left to get to 30 pages. I try very hard not to think about the fact that it took me a year to write 9 decent pages for my short.
  • I’ll be back in London on Tuesday.

7 thoughts to “The Police – Twickenham, London”

  1. It was wonderful last night too. Check out my page for review.
    Andy Summers is 64!!!?? Blimey! He’s still my favourite and I hate to break this to you but Stuart is American!!;)
    Every Little thing is Magic was my favourite too, I’d been out to the loo and came back into a wall of sound and walked across the pitch singing my head off!
    Sting sung his lungs out last night and I wondered if he’ be able to do it all over again today!

  2. I corrected Stewart before I read your comment, I swear! :-)

    Sting’s voice is absolutely amazing. I mean he is 55, and he still sounds like in the 80’s. I was absolutely impressed by his singing.

    I agree on you regarding the stadium concerts by the way, I prefer an intimate scene over this any time, but as you wrote, you have to grab what you can get.

    Sting to me seems someone who tries to stay young a bit to fanatically, which is a bit pathetic.

  3. What did you pay to see these old geezers? Here in Holland the cheapest ticket is € 79,00 (± £52,50) and the most expensive is € 145,00 (± £ 97,00). Did they team up again for the fans or for the money?

  4. I went to see Metallica at Wembley recently. It was like watching ants on stage from where we were standing. For all I know, it could have been my dad and his mates miming to a backing track.

  5. @Pedro – the prices are the same here. As they still seem to be fighting back stage, I guess it’s a lets-shovel-in-the-money thing. Who can blame them.

    @Well I’ll pick Hugh Laurie over Stewart Copeland if I have to choose (Hugh is British for starters, but also too cool as House, and in The Young Visters too by the way) but the picture of Stewart does have some similarities. :)

  6. How odd – I was on the other side of the stadium. What an amazing night and how good did they sound ? I loved all the old photos of them projected on the screens during the last encore.

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