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The Girl In The CafeFirstly, a long due update about the The Girl In The Cafe DVD on tour project.

The Girl DVD is still touring, and currently on her way to Brazil, Germany and New Zealand. People are friendly enough to send the Girl to the next person, but writing reviews seems to have been a bigger problem. The last few weeks some reviews related to the project have been written and you can read them here:

Kate’s smudges (Canada)

Clare / Bookarazzi (UK)

And Richard sent me the following by mail:

This unusual love story has touched me. A love story between a high ranking bureaucrat (Lawrence) and a girl next door, or as you like, a girl next bar (Gina). Somehow it felt hard to believe that such different people could ever met. Well, erm they did. Of course the overall message is clear, as the film rolls out. Lawrence is preparing his part for the summit of the G8. As he tells Gina about the G8, she became more and more outspoken about the upcoming conference. This causes trouble for Lawrence. But she opened eyes for those who couldn’t see…

In the end I wanted to fall in love too. That, to me, is a huge compliment for a film


A big thank you to all three for taking the time to write.

Do you want to see the The Girl In The Cafe film ? Join the TGITC – on tour project.

ยป Where is The Girl now ? (Check the world map)

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