Breakfast and the like

We are going visual the next 7 days. It was either that or a week of silence. My editor thought that having visuals (photos, postcards, whatever) would be better than complete silence. I think he is right. My editor also thought that the post from yesterday (the non black and white one) had to be removed. I think he is right there too. It’s gone, if you caught it, I apologize for the depressing tone. If not – you didn’t miss anything at all.

Visuals because I have problems writing at the moment.

I took this photo in July somewhere. And just to prove that I told the truth: Cheerios and Maltesers (and don’t they float well!).
Don’t make any judgements until you’ve tried it.

This is beautiful too.

9 thoughts to “Breakfast and the like”

  1. Well having just picked all the maltesers out of a pack of Revels for my husband I think I shall pass on that one. Not too keen on Cheerios either. I’m a Crunchy Nut Cornflake fan when I’m not being good with organic porridge;)

  2. Visual is good! Cheerios & Maltesers… well, they do float well, undoubtedly – I shall give it the benefit of the doubt until further evidence :)

  3. Some people eat the stranges things in the morning. I stick to my “boterham met chcoloadevlokken” (sandwich with chocolate flakes) and a glass of water.

  4. @Pedro: I am 100% sure that a “boterham met chocoloadevlokken” as as strange to anybody outside the Netherlands as my Cheerios with Maltesers is for probablt everybody :)

    @Anna I like the combi of a person and his breakfast too, it’s nice.

    @Jill – the floating capacity of Maltesers is highly underrated … :)

  5. Cheers to your editor… :-)

    Interesting link. It reminded me of BlogLily’s other blog:

    @ Pedro: I’ve known “boterham met chocoladevlokken” since I was a child because we have Dutch friends. And I didn’t hesitate to introduce this excellent breakfast to our kids as soon as they were able to hold a piece of bread steady in their little hands.

  6. @Zazz: I can’t believe I wrote all that shit, cheers to my editor indeed. Blimey. I think my brain was temporarily taken over by evil aliens.

    OK, my question: Where do you get your chocoladevlokken from I wonder?!?

  7. Hoarding purchases on occasional holiday trips to NL. And if you’re not brand loyal, you can buy ordinary ‘hagelslag’ or chocolate sprinkles – a common baking ingredient – in every supermarket over here. You don’t have to tell people that you spread it on your bread.

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