9 thoughts to “Postcards I want to send”

  1. Knowing someone but not sending it is just as bad.

    I have designed it for a tshirt too, it has been ordered, I am going to wear it every single day and will wait until someone says yes, (Better be a pretty solid tshirt that lasts a while)

  2. I think I’ll order myself of these T-Shirts, too. If I don’t get any copy right problems that is. (Only joking.) The quote sounds like it has been taken out of a film starring Hugh Grant, if only you add “well, rather not, of course you wouldn’t, ehrrm, ehrrm, excellent, …

  3. HELLO – what film do you think this quote is from ??

    (The Girl in the Cafe of course, what are you thinking!)

    I’ll take a picture of my shirt when it has arrived, if you like it, I’ll order one for you as well and post it to you. Designing it was the hardest part, once that’s done I can order as many as I like.
    Anybody wanting to wear quotes from this film is my friend.

  4. Ooops, I think I should see the film again. And again for that matter. How very embarrassing. I knew the quote sounded familiar. I hope I won’t be banned from reading this blog, let alone commenting…

  5. Love the quote. And the idea of a t-shirt with it. Well – if you come to denmark sometime I´ll say yes.

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