Please do not stick Bill Posters Here

No please don’t. Not anywhere else either. I want to be able to walk through London without being stuck.

I guess I am back. And this post somehow ended up having a lot of actors in it. Not sure how surprising that is. A couple of random things that flew around in my head the last few days:

  1. I really like quite a lot of Bob Dylan’s songs. I think it’s an age thing.
  2. There are days where every single song seems to be about you (or/and me).
  3. You can blindly buy the DVD of Hot Fuzz for the extra material alone. Bill Nighy explaining why he is in this film at all is hilariously stupidly crazily funny.’
  4. I yearn for New York. I will go there again, I just need to find some space in my calendar. That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but believe it or not, I am a bit busy at the moment.
  5. I have moved the production of my Cookie film to spring 2008, but will make a short short (3 minutes) in October. More about this soon. There are several reasons for this, the most important ones being that it is fun, and I’d rather screw up in a short short first before I am going to do my long (10 minutes) short.
  6. Talking about shorts, here is a nice one with Anthony Head (it’s the one called Amelia & Michael).
  7. I have tickets for 2 plays with the mighty Ian McKellen. Sir Ian has been very high on my list of actors who I would love to see on stage, and as he is doing both King Lear and Checkov’s The Seagull in London, I bought tickets to both. It’s in November and January.

    If you like Ian McKellen, check out this very cool interactive Conversation with Ian McKellen

  8. Talking about funky actors, British actors are generally quite funky, but when they sing, it gets even better. Hugh Laurie in da House, ladies and gentlemen.
  9. I had written a long rant about the upcoming State of Play movie, but decided to keep it short. You know, State of Play was that fantastic BBC tv drama with Bill and Kelly and James and John and David. All those amazing British actors. It is currently getting the hollywood treatment and none of those great actors are in the film, worse, they have removed Cameron Foster completely. Cameron Foster (Nighy) who won a Bafta because he was so bloody Billiant in State of Play. Why, oh, why are they doing this to us?
  10. Sunday I will go and watch Casablanca in one of the funkiest cinemas in London. The film is from 1942, and believe it or not, I have never seen it.
  11. I saw Kenny, a movie about an Australian loo cleaner. That might sound lame, but it wasn’t. It had very funny moments but also had a very nice human approach to the story. Recommended.

    I’d love to be able to say “I plumb toilets” and have someone say “Now that is something I’ve always wanted to do”.

  12. And I saw The Singer, with the fantastic Gerard Depardieu, who is irresistible in this film. It is such a beautiful love story about meeting someone who awakens you. Gerard Depardieu is another example of a singing actor, he does the singing himself and does it well. More than recommended. Go see it.
  13. Somewhat numb after watching The Singer, I found myself ending up in Denman Street. I passed it on my way to the bus from the Curzon Soho cinema, and I had to have one last look. Lorenzo kept his word. There is nothing whatsoever left of The New Piccadilly Cafe. No signs, no nothing, it is completely empty inside. It’s surreal, and it hurt to see it like that. It looked as if it had never been there.
  14. Why I needed a break

    I had about 10 last changes to make in my short film script (my screen writing teacher has offered to read it so I wanted it to be in best shape possible). If I had sat down and just done it, it would probably have taken me an hour. However these last changes somehow changed into a Mount Everest and I had no idea how to approach them. Hence the break. It took me a week to find the energy and mental power to make those changes. It took me the same week to wind down a bit from a job which is still fairly new (I tend to forget that) and very busy and just generally from being (on) high (speed) most of the time. It was all just a bit too much, so I took a step back.

    I promised myself not to write here before I had done those changes. I just did them. Hello again.

  15. What I did the rest of that week

    Apart from doing a lot of thinking: I fiddled around with Bill quite a lot. He wanted a new suit, his wish is my command and so he changed into something more sharp and funky, and from blue to pink (sorry B., but pink suits you). It was a nice project to do, and I can press refresh forever because nearly all quotes from his films make me laugh. It was nice to not think about writing for a while.

See, you didn’t miss that much.

3 thoughts to “Please do not stick Bill Posters Here”

  1. Just a quick post before I shoot off to work. First I noticed that Bill is reading Eric Clapton’s autobiography on Radio 4 starting next Friday (I think) plus small pic of Bill in Radio Times.
    Also in the new Empire mag there is a large pic of the Nazis against Hitler in another movie I can’t recall the name of just now with Bill looking seriously sinister.
    *End of Bill News*
    I’ll come back later and read your post properly!

  2. @grigorisgirl: Thank you for the Bill news!

    Sinister Bill is Bill in Valkyrie, the new Brian Singer film with Tom Cruise and a long list of marvelous British actors which make the film worth seeing. (Tom Wilkinson, Kenneth Brannagh etc)
    The sinister Bill picture is here.
    And Bill looks very serious (and had a haircut)!

    Thanks so much for the Eric Clapton tip, it made my day! I knew Bill is reading the book, but didn’t know that BBC radio is sending bits of it on the radio. Superduperfunky that is.

  3. Thanks for the Laurie and Head links. Just watched them.

    You’ve never seen Casablanca!!!!!???? Top of my all time faves I think.

    I love the Everyman, it’s where I saw Snowcake with a Q&A from the man himself. Wish the place was nearer to me as I’d love to have a lounge on those sofas.

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