Here’s to looking at you kid

Humphrey Bogart / Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca

I saw Casablanca 65 years after it came out, that’s pretty amazing in itself, and I liked it. It is impressive to see what they accomplished in a time where CGI and special effects were science fiction, and where films were shot in black and white. But here is proof of what a great script can do.

He is not the coolest actor on the planet (we all know who that is) but boy is Bogey cool in this one. He has the looks of a true classic film star. The same goes for Ingrid Bergman, with whom I share the first name but unfortunately not much more than that. I sometimes like to think that I am named after her, but I know that is not true either, as I am named after a bloody apple! How unsexy is that.
Anyway Casablanca is worth seeing, and it was great to see it on the big screen, so many years after.

While we are at film, I also saw Michael Clayton. There is a lot of hype around this film, but it lived up to it this time. George Clooney (still too beautiful and that is not in a I-fancy-him kind of way, because I do not) is absolutely fantastic as Michael Clayton, and Tom Wilkinson (wouldn’t mind drinking a cup of tea with him though) is always a delight. Just before you think that this is just another lawyer-action-thriller, well it is a bit deeper than that. Really worth seeing if you ask me. (8.5/10)

News from the lets-do-something-ridiculous-for-a-change front:

I wrote a letter to someone I truly admire (no he is not an actor). If I get an answer I might share it with you. Or not. Let’s see what comes out of it.

And I am busy with several things:

  • planning and developing the short short
  • I am doing a small job for a company who wants some drawings of The Girl from the postcards. So the Girl now has a sister wearing a red dress.
  • I have to send in my 30 pages on Friday, and while I do have 30 pages which I think is some sort of accomplishment, I need to do some editing before I send them off to super Sam.

I guess this means I am quite busy.

How are you doing out there? Have you seen any movies I should see lately?

10 thoughts to “Here’s to looking at you kid”

  1. Well, I’ve seen Superbad. Wasn’t that great, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it. I’m going to see Eastern Promises on Saturday. Can’t wait!
    Anyways, the picture of Bogart and Bergman reminded me of this book I found on Amazon called “Scenes from the City: filmmaking in New York”. And, well, I thought of you. I haven’t bought it so I don’t know if you’ll like it – but you should check it out :)

  2. @Anna: I have seen Superbad. It wasn’t as superbad as I feared, but it wasn’t supergood either. I don’t think it is targeted at people my age, but I did laugh about some scenes. I haven’t spotted Eastern Promises here yet.

    That incredible picture on the front cover of “Scenes from the City” is from Woody Allen’s film Manhattan, which makes you fall in love with New York if you weren’t already. OK, that’s it now I am going to see if I can somehow press some days in NY into my schedule.

  3. Now, that’s funny, because I guess I always thought you were named after her – you know, Ingrid Bergman, films, you, there seemed to be some sort of obvious connection there! But hey, those apples look really good and it’s far more original that way!!

    (Ah, films: no recommendations, sorry, free time in which I go out seems to be something I’ll have to reinvent soon…!)

    (And you wrote the 30 pages already – that’s very impressive, congratulations!!)

  4. @Jill : I have to ask my mum if there isn’t a tiny winy chance that I am also named after Ingrid Bergman, because honestly that is a lot more funky.

    And don’t be too impressed: anybody can write 30 pages of crap :)

  5. I had a big crush on Bogey when I was in my twenties!! I’ve always had a preference for the offbeat looking actors (yes, George is gorgeous but just too gorgeous!)
    We are showing Atonement at my work next week so I shall see that then. We are doing a matinee with tea and biccies so might pop into that.

  6. I love the girl’s sister in the red dress ;-). About names, my real name is also a train and very similar to a tyre brand. Just about as sexy as your apple…

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