I will be madly in Love again

New York
Yes this is my organiser, and yes I really drew the girl in there.

And yes, I did it. Cause I believe in Love power.

For all of you who are tired of me rambling about New York: it will get worse. I just booked my trip, I will go there in November, I will stay for 6 days, I will relax, I will clean up in my head and fill it up with new experiences, I will hang around in Barnes & Noble, if the weather is nice I will walk the Brooklyn Bridge, I’ll do some shopping while the dollar is still low, drink tea in cafes, enjoy popcorn and a Coke in cinemas, I might lay down in Central Park again, and visit him to tell him that not too long after I visited him the first time my new job magically showed up. I will try to absorb some magic in 42nd street, and I will look in vain for him in 45th.

I am staying with the seafarers again (because Davy loves that), around the corner of 14th and Union Square, where in the distance I can see my favourite building lighted beautifully in the darkness of a New York night.

Just the fact that I, right now, can feel the words dancing around in the tip of my pen waiting to come out, is telling me that this was a good decision. I will be madly in Love again. I’m sure of that.

11 thoughts to “I will be madly in Love again”

  1. Wow, you’re using an actual Filofax for your appointments!
    Have fun in the Big Apple.
    One question: What needs to be counterized ?

  2. Yes I do. I have tried without, doing appointments in Google calendar and on my mobile phone, but it just doesn’t work for me. You can’t draw The Girl in them and you can’t excesively use highlighters in them either. :) I like my Filofax/

    The counterize bit (well spotted!) that was my list of things to check after I moved Billnighy.info over to a new design :) (Counterize is a WordPress plugin)

  3. Make sure you go to the Empire Diner – it was Bette Davis’s favourite diner in NY and it’s a magical place. Sometimes theres a piano player – it’s always warm and friendly and when a person needs a cafe it’s a great place to go.

    210 Tenth Avenue
    New York City, NY 10011-4711
    +1 212 924 0011

    Have a great trip – Im wildly jealous.

  4. Mark, is that really true about the Empire Diner? God, I took refuge there around 4 a.m. way, way back in 1982 on my first trip to NYC, one lonely night when I missed the last train back to Connecticut where I was staying with friends. I roamed the streets looking for a haven, I’m positive it was the Empire.

  5. I didn’t know it was your favorite building; it’s the first thing I see every morning (thanks to IKEA…;o)
    I’m a little jealous though : I’ve never seen it for real.
    Enjoy the voorpret !!!!

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