The Girl in Brazil

The Girl In The CafeThe Girl is still travelling, and is currently staying with Andy in Brazil. (Brazil: lucky girl!) Andy is about to send her off to the UK and has just written his review. Yes I know it is in Portuguese, Google helps a bit translating it into some form of English (Babelfish does a much better job! Just enter the URL) which I am sure loses all the details of the article. But looking at this language I do not understand, looking at the picture of Bill and Kelly in a place that still is dear to me in this post surrounded by words and just the fact that this crazy idea made it this far around the world already, well that makes me happy.

Do you want to see the The Girl In The Cafe film ?
Join the queue: TGITC – on tour project.
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4 thoughts to “The Girl in Brazil”

  1. Well, I feel slightly priviledged in this case… ;) (and I can tell you that Andy liked the film very much)

  2. You are right, the Babelfish translator does a much better job than Google!!

    I should have known, being a Hitchhiker myself.

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