10 things that make my Friday

  1. DP loves SR
  2. The fact that I saw Kahlil Ashanti yesterday. See him here on youtube and then buy tickets to his show where he portraits more characters than you think is possible in this hilariously funny, but also dead serious one man show. Tickets only £10-12 for a show in the beautifully located (beside the Thames, near Hammersmith tube station) Riverside Studios. Go see it! It’s the best I have seen in a long time.
  3. The sun is shining. I wouldn’t call it an Indian summer, but the light is beautiful in London.
  4. My script page counter says 42. 42! The best number ever invented. The problem is that I have the first 30, then there are gaps and here and there some scenes, but I do have the end scene. I can do 90. I have to. The first 30 will be delivered this weekend. It is so hard to expose yourself with a new story. I hope they are gentle.
  5. 42 -1 nights until New York.
  6. The aftershave of the man who sat beside me in the bus this morning.
  7. Filmshoot is planned (for the short short) on the 21st of October. This will be a 60 second movie clip which will be uploaded for an online competition. Yes, I’ll let you know when it is up.
  8. The fact that I could order a desk from Ikea without having to drag myself to their horrible shop. Ordered online, and will be delivered next week. Finally a decent spot to write at home.
  9. Bill Nighy reads Eric Clapton’s autobiography on BBC Radio 2 tonight (9.15pm) and the 5 following Fridays. Sigh.
    And Bill Nighy returning as Charles Paris (As ever, seedy, middle-aged actor Charles is his own worst enemy: a lush who can resist anything except temptation – especially in the form of women and alcohol. His intentions may be good but, somehow, the results always go wrong.). If you like him just a tiny bit you have to hear that, he is brilliantly voiciliciously irresistable as Charles Paris. Even more sigh.
  10. The fact that I can put on my coat, step into the sun and wander around on Portobello Market for lunch in 10 minutes from now.

Questions for you:
1. What makes your day?
2. Any interesting blogs I should read? I often visit my Google reader (and yes you are all in it!), but often, when I most need it, there seems to be a collective lack of updates. I need more good blogs to read. And I also hereby promise that I will be a more regular commenter on other blogs.

13 thoughts to “10 things that make my Friday”

  1. I love your remark on the man with the nice aftershave. Sounds so familiar. I can still recall the aftershaves of former boy friends. Good aftershave makes me wanna follow those men. Silly eh?

    What makes my day? Nice music (on the right time), a good exhibition in a museum, running (makes my head empty), the sun, the rain, hot chocolate, something you do that works out well. How much space do I have here?

  2. No not silly at all. Wear Davidoff – Cool Water (being a man) and I am yours. Dangerous stuff indeed.

    And you can have all the space you want. For free :-)

    @Grigorisgirl: I’ll make sure to remind you. (Could I shut up about it in the first place you recon?)

  3. A day out in the zoo to watch ringtailed lemurs or a nice dinner in a small Indian restaurant with friends can make my day, but also fly-fungi in autumn can.

  4. I loved Cool Water too, until it became my uncle’s signature scent…
    10 things that make my day, hmmmm; my kids putting their arms around me and not wanting to let go, a quiet saturday morning reading your blog while everyone is out, talking on the phone for hours to my best friend in the States, waking up in Denmark, reading a good book about LOVE, watching a British movie, ‘To buy or not to buy’ on the BBC, in bed with a huge pile of magazines and a latee, taking a walk around the lake, singing loud in my car

  5. If I may be so bold to reply to your question:

    1. Enjoying the Indian Summer we’re having here in Holland, while walking through the park and kicking my way through fallen leaves;
    2. Finding my favourite childhood drink at some Asian supermarket/ drugstore;
    3. Children who go all giggly when you smile at them;
    4. Most things related to Alan Rickman;
    5. Watching Q.I. on the BBC;
    6. Reading. Anything. Books, magazines, articles, papers. Any bunch of words will do.

    That’ll do for now.
    All the best,

  6. @Pedro: fly-funghi – what on earth is that? (Is that the English equivalent of Elvenbankjes?)

    @Annerie: you know that I mean the Chrysler building right, and not the Empire State? Which book by the way? :)

    @hsin-chi: It was amazing enough that you happen to live in that exact spot where I was born, and now you turn out to be a Alan Rickman fan. Grigorisgirl will be pleased. I’ll admit that I didn’t even know he was in the upcoming Sweeney Todd until I today bought the Empire and saw his name on the film poster. Now I look forward to that film even more.

    He doesn’t beat Bill in grooviness of course, let that be clear, but he is a great actor. :)

    Things that made my day today (Saturday):

    I saw 2 gorgeous Scots in kilts walking by today. It was nearly too much.

  7. Hi Ingrid,

    I did know it’s the Chrysler Building, I love it’s 1920/30’s feel and I guess so did IKEA some 9 years ago. It’s in a pinkish light but it’s so beautiful that my husband still allows it on our wall ;o)

    And the book of love; I’m still in my classics phase so I guess any Jane Austen would do. But I’ll be coming back to you on that one because I’m sure an even better one will come to mind today.

  8. Without reading your comment I bought Cool Water for my husbands birthday a few days ago. It has been many years since I gave him aftershave… :-)

  9. Ah, let me make a slight correction: I don’t actually live in your birth town, but I do frequently visit friends (with whom I saw the film) who live there and I live quite nearby. And Rickman is a fabulous actor, but I won’t start the discussion whether he or Bill Nighy is groovier. I know a no-go-area when I see one. :) Am looking forward to Sweeney Todd for a very, long, time now.

    Scots in kilts. In London. How I envy thee. Did they happen to look anything like Ewan McGregor or say James McAvoy?

  10. @Smile: Well prepare for a ride! :)

    @hsin-chi: I think they are both equally groovy.

    I look forward to Sweeney Todd too. What a dream cast with Johnny, Allan, Helena and even Anthony Head is in it. I love Tim Burton, it is so cool to recoginize his style in one single still alone.

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