Dear Britons

London Sink

You know I love you
I always will
My mind’s made up
By the way that I feel
There’s no beginning
There’ll be no end
But there’s one thing
I don’t understand!

Look at this picture. This picture is taken in the toilet of a cinema in Chelsea, but trust me, I could have taken it lots of other places too. At home for example. Or at work. Or in a cafe.

I feel stupid, because I don’t get it. Here is the issue that has been mindboggling me more or less since I moved here:

Why are there 2 separate taps for hot and cold water?
And why are they so far apart that you have to move your hands from burning hot to freezingly cold?

I accept driving on the wrong side of the road, drinking tea the Milky Way, bangers and mash, I even accept Marmite – but this I don’t get. Please help me out here.

9 thoughts to “Dear Britons”

  1. I’d blame it on the famous British sense of humour. And the solution is easy: always carry your own personal sink plug. Simply plug sink, mix water to achieve the perfect temperature and wash hands.

  2. It’s funny, it’s pretty much the same in Singapore – they were colonised by the Brits so maybe that’s why. I blame it on the British humour as well.

  3. Look at the great symmetry.
    And if you think driving on the left side of the road is funny, look at the way these taps are placed. Hot water on the left and cold water on the right. I guess you still can remember how it was in Holland…

  4. I do in fact recall a number of times (in the beginning of my stay here) where I either burned myself or had a very cold shower because they have changed the position of the taps too! You got to love them, really.

  5. It’s all in the plumbing!LOL
    I will draw your attention to one thing though. If you want to run the water hot to wash your face it usually takes a while so at least you can run it whilst brushing your teeth under the cold!(Because we never brush our teeth with the hot water, now do we?)

  6. So I guess the hot tap is for the Tories and the cold one is for Labourmembers???

    BTW; It would make a lovely Mr Bean episode ;o)))

  7. If “Easier to plumb” is the real answer to this, than you definitely are the funniest people on the planet :-)

    And no we don’t brush our teeth with hot water, no we don’t. We don’t let the tap run while brushing our teeth either, now do we? :)

  8. It must be so hard for people with compulsive behavior to decide which one to close first…..

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