Love+Rock: Change the world

Love+Rock: If I could change the world
(Her legs seem to be growing, she is unconsciously turning into a lanky girl. Nothing wrong with lanky people though, on the contrary)

Blame Bill for reading Eric. And Eric for singing this song.

I saw And when did you last see your father with Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent this weekend. This is one of those movies where not that much happens but it gets to you anyway. Jim Broadbent is playing Colin’s dad, he gets terminally ill and the film is about the last period of his life. About looking back and talking about things that have been left unspoken for a lifetime.

It is a slow paced movie but both Jim Broadbent and Colin Firth are excellent. It is a must see for fans of both and for the Colin fans: there are some rather intimate scenes of Colin in a bath tub. I won’t say more. (8.5/10)

I also saw The Heartbreak Kid (from the makers of There is something about Mary) with Ben Stiller, which was funny for 30 minutes or so, after that it went down hill. I admit that this is not really my type of movie, but I saw the trailer and it looked like fun. Turned out that the trailer was, the film was not really. (7/10)

I send in the 35 pages of my script. It is done now, I can’t do anything about it anymore and I enjoy a couple of days not thinking about it. I get feedback on it next weekend.

I spotted Xmas stuff in some shops in Chelsea already and so I thought it a good excuse to watch Love Actually again too. It was lovely, actually, to see it again. I was also thinking that it has been too long since we have had films like these (read British Richard Curtis type of rom-com’s) in the cinema. Love Actually is the last one I remember was this great and that one was made in 2003! (The Girl In The Cafe was a film made for TV, so that doesn’t count).

There have been some smaller ones like Imagine Me & You (which is a really nice one I am sure nearly nobody knows), but the time where we had classics like Pretty Woman (not a Britflick but OK), Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones and Love Actually rolling over our screen seems to be over. Or am I wrong?

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try to bear “And when did you last see your father” in mind next time when I’m at the movies. And yes, it’s almost December and thus, I can almost watch “Love Actually”! (principle matter, I only watch Christmassy films around the same time, and too much groovyness a year is never good). And you are right, there haven’t been much of these films recently. Pity.

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