Things I noticed today

  • When I was standing in the bus this morning listening to my iPod, it suddenly occurred to me that most people I saw walking were walking in pace with my music. I can tell you that that was a very weird experience. The song I played was “Girls and Boys” from Blur. And the avarage pace of Londoners in the morning is, as you now understand, high.
  • I also noticed that listening to music changed my mood from “incredibly annoyed over having to stand in the bus” to “I don’t really care I am happy anyway”.
  • Google has bought Jaiku. I think that is quite interesting. I like Jaiku, having internet access on my phone I often post something while waiting for either bus, train or film. My Jaiku’s get posted to Twitter automatically. Even though Twitter seems more popular, Jaiku is more slick. And Twitter not accepting user names longer than 15 is ridiculous …
    Let me know if you are on one of them.
  • I am tired of waiting for things that might happen but probably won’t.
  • Art lovers fall into Tate’s crack (and that’s on the first day of opening. I better check out this new awesome piece of art before more people fall into it and they fence it off.
  • I was in the church this morning. My believes don’t fit into any of the existing religions but I enjoy(ed) the serene silence in this huge and mysterious building before I throw/threw myself back in the morning madness of getting to Victoria station.
  • You can download Radiohead’s new album for free from their website (or pay what you want to pay). Rumours are that Oasis and Jamiroquay are going down the same road. The reason I can come up with for doing this is: this completely whipes out illegal file sharing, and would make up for the astronomical prizes you have to pay for concert tickets nowadays.

    I don’t consider myself a huge fan, but “Subterranean homesick alien”, “Everything in its right place” are in very high rotation on my iPod, and have been for a long time.

  • Control (official website) is an awesome film. The story about Ian Curtis (who comitted suicide when he was 23) is tragic, the music of Joy Division is pretty depressive. But it is beautifully shot in black & white and the acting is amazing.

    And love, love will tear us apart. Again.

  • I bought a ticket for a very British play (Rock ‘n Roll) that will be performed in a very non British city (New York). I look forward to it, as it features a lot of music and both Bob Dylan and the Stones are represented. Tom Stoppard wrote it. And it’s in 45th Street. Seems like I will end up going there anyway then.

    I love Rock ‘n Roll,
    So come and take your time and dance with me.

    (oh I can feel a postcard coming up already)

5 thoughts to “Things I noticed today”

  1. I’m on jaiku (! I usually post things over my phone when I’m bored on a train.

    I would love to watch Control but my current living situation has rendered it impossible as there’s only one cinema nearby (it’s 25 km away, actually) and it only shows the most popular films. Whoopie – not. Joy Division is very depressing indeed – but listen to “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” by The Wombats. It’s anything but depressing!

    Okay, long comment. I’m writing from my grandparents’ computer. Man, this thing is slow.

  2. This crack is very weird. Nobody will say how it is done! I sort of think I might go see it, I’ve never been to the Tate Modern. I really must have a day in London soon.

  3. Sometimes travelling into work I put the iPod on shuffle, and tracks spring up and surprise you and create a mood (almost always for the better). While you didn’t mention Bill… you might be aware (but just in case) that on 19 October at 11.30am on radio 4 a new four part drama series “Murder Unprompted” begins, with Bill Nighy in the lead role as an “amateur sleuth”.

  4. @Laura: thanks for stopping by! And yes please do come back,

    @Anna – added you on Jaiku. Control will hopefully be around for a while.

    @grigorisgirl – yes visit Tate Modern one day. Don’t forget to go to the cafe there for a cup of tea and a marvelous view over the Millennium Bridge and St. Pauls. That was one of my favourite spots in London when I had just arrived. I have to go back there soon.

    @Winter solstice – it’s true, the shuffle functions can bring up songs that boost your mood to unknown heights.

    While I didn’t mention Bill, I could have done, but I am giving people a break now and then :) Thanks for mentioning Charles Parish, I knew he is returning as womanizer-amateur-sleuth and I can only highly recommend it because he is marvelous at it. Bill doesn’t play Charles Parish, he become him. (Thanks for bringing it up though!)

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