The Castle revisited

I survived a couple of hours of “assemble IKEA furniture” torture (those are the moments where a man could come in handy I admit) and now I am sitting close to Jonas, and that’s very, ehrm, comfortable. I didn’t know I missed him this much until he got here, now I am sure I won’t ever let him go again.

You already knew how one side of my castle looks like (the large images are gone because of a genius thing I did. Not.) Today Jonas came, and the other side of the castle now looks like this.

When I moved in here my walls were empty and white. The wall you are looking at here is my “good memories” wall. I admit that Dr. Who doesn’t really belong there (but I like David Tennant, and this was the very first thing I hung up, because I didn’t have anything else), but the rest of it is either theatre flyers and some postcards from films. There is a bit (or 2) of Bill, a pic of The Cafe, Kevin is there and John Simm, Tom Hollander and Michael Palin is there somewhere too.
On my desk there is Bob (and inside Bob there is Bill!) and Daniel (Craig) if you look closely.

I can hear you think – that’s not a lot of Bill on the wall now is it? No it isn’t is it. So maybe I am not as crazy as you thought anyway.
What? A picture of the other 2 walls? Can’t do that mate.

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