Standing up again

Unrequited Love

We have received 10 responses from 50+ aged actors with gray hair who can raise and eyebrow “Roger Moore” style, and who want to be in our short film. Don’t you just love a job description like that.
We will see some of them to check that we can work with them and will then pick the one best suited for the role.

The BBC promises sunshine and 14 degrees on Sunday, so I cross my fingers they keep that promise, and I look forward to our shoot. We will post the short online (when it has been edited) and I’ll let you know when it is available for you to see.

I bought another theatre ticket for a play in New York. Somehow the idea of Kevin Kline playing Cyrano the Bergerac was too much to resist. The 16th of November is the day I’ll catch him on stage in New York. And – I love the story about Cyrano, unrequited love, the tragedy of life. I am expert.

To make me feel even better:
Bill Nighy makes guest a appearance in short Coping Strategies, a 26 minute short film. And even though Bill will not appear in person at this event, I have been lucky enough to score a ticket for one of the only 2 cinema showings of this film, it’s tomorrow.
A new film with Bill, unexpected and completely out of the blue – that’s just what I needed. I am not only crawling, I am standing up, I brush the dust from my knees, and I am ready to attack my script with more persistence than ever.

He grooves me out.

6 thoughts to “Standing up again”

  1. HAHA! :)

    We have picked one. We are two girls (in our forties) making this film, and somehow, magically, we picked the same guy as our favourite. We will meet him on Friday, but he seems to have a nice voice (very important) and is very nice too. Which is good, because he has to endure me as a first time director.

    I mean Bill could have gotten the part, but if he prefers to hang out with Tom Cruise in stead, we just find someone else.

    But I can ensure you that casting is one of my favourite things to do. For obvious reasons. And I will only write scripts that need 50+ aged actors with gray hair who can raise and eyebrow “Roger Moore” style. The power of the pen and the joy of casting that.

  2. I’m in my thirties, but have nothing quite against helping you out in that process either, should you ever need any help… ;) (my, I do envy that job!!)

  3. I love the idea of raising the eyebrow – that is just cool. Life is going well for you – what more can a girl ask than a new Bill movie and making her own film? Well, I suppose if Bill lifted his eyebrow in your movie, you’d be over the moon! Wow … what a thought!

    I’m pulling for you Ingrid!!

  4. @Jill – yes casting is a funky job. :)

    @kate – life has its ups and downs. I try to forget the downs as quickly as possible.

    @Anne – I don’t know – if he does – i don’t know what will happen :)

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