The Meeting with The Actor

Not That Actor, but the actor who is going to be in our short. It was a joy to meet him as he turns out to be incredibly nice, very relaxed and laid back and very perfect for the role he is going to play (which is a posh distinguished City business man). He has a great voice too (very smooth and voicilicious) and a spot on English accent for this role.

We met in a quiet pub, he didn’t really have to audition because we had seen his show reel, but he did treat us with showing us how he could do the “raise-an-eyebrow Roger Moore style”. And I can tell you, he is an eyebrow expert, he can do both eyebrows (independently) equally well.

He has been acting for 3 years and when I asked him what he had done before that, he shocked us by saying that he has worked in the film industry all his life, but working on the other side of the camera. When he got older (he is far from old but a bit older then I am!) he decided that he wanted to give acting a go. It is very inspiring to meet people who make career changes later in live. And I also felt a bit like, ehrm, well you know that we are just beginning here (I am for sure), don’t expect too much from us! But we are passionate about what we do and perfectionists, so I am sure it will be fine.

We will make sure to treat him well and I will have a very serious thought about having him play Dan in my 10 minute short (if he wants too that is), because he is nearly too nice to be true. And right for the part as well, he is close to what I imagined Dan would be like as a person. I look very much forward to work with him on Sunday.

I have a question for you too, dear readers (if there are any left). I need some help with an issues that is related to the script I am currently writing.

Do you know anybody who is claustrophobic? I would like to get in contact with someone who knows more about that, to be more precise I want to know what happens to someone who is claustrophobic when he or she gets stuck in a small space. Any help on this is highly appreciated.

You can stay completely anonymous if you like, just use the contact form.

3 thoughts to “The Meeting with The Actor”

  1. I wish I could help, buy I don’t know anyone who is claustrophobic, sorry…

    As for the rest… oh boy, that actor… envying your job more and more… ;)

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