Not everything is as it seems

Yesterday someone said to me “Oh I just follow your blog, then I will know how you are”.
Nice thought, but it doesn’t really work that way. I don’t write how I am on my blog, I write what I think might be interesting to read, for some more than for others (hello mum), I write what I would like to remember, and I write too much about Bill because I happen to like him.

But here are things that don’t make my Friday and some that do:

When, after nearly 2 weeks of postal silence (you know postal as in actual paper post) I finally got some post again, the first thing I got was a tax Bill. A huge tax Bill – from Denmark. I guess something must have gone wrong somewhere as they want me to pay a lot of money, and I am sure it will be solved, but the hassle of it gets me down. Also – my Danish is really rotten already.

The next day I lost one of my cufflinks, one I was quite attached to. Sad.

The day after that I used the silver cufflinks I bought in Beijing. They are shaped as the chinese sign for Luck. They told me. I am not so sure about that, because one of them broke in two and is now absolutely useless, so I managed to mess up 2 pairs of cufflinks in 2 days. Well done.

I didn’t get into the screen writing course I wanted to get into. Due to excessive demand and competition, and many more applying than there is space for, and me basically being way too inexperienced, I got rejected. I felt really bad about it at first, but then, I thought: I am way too inexperienced. I found Love Actually played it and felt better already. I have to get more experience first, and stop wanting to rush everything because I suddenly feel like I am running out of time after I passed the big Four Zero.

To confirm that I am currently in some sort of less-fortunate wave, yesterday evening my laptop broke in two. The screen wants to go one way and the keyboard another, and that is not a problem with a desktop model, but with a laptop it is. It is now taped together with duct tape, but it is not going to take long before it will break down completely. I need to buy a new laptop in a hurry. Fu*k -a-dee-fu*k.

Apart from my cufflinks, which is a bit sad, it’s nothing really serious but it was a tad tedious to have this all in one week. I wonder if someone has casted a bad spell over me.

But no moaning from me, why should I, I mean:

Bill will return as Viktorrrrr in a new Underworld film I heard today, be prepared for more swooning. I am.

Bill obviously has a thing for vampires, and we obviously have a thing for Bill having a thing for vampires, especially when that means that he will read Dracula as his next Silksounding book! I bid him – welcome to do so…
He heard what we said, was pleased that we said it and will go and try to read it before Christmas. The perfect gift that is.

There is a new Charles Paris available again today!

Oh, and The Vertical Hour comes to London in January, but Bill will not be in it. Unfortunately (probably because he will be shooting Underworld at that time). I am not going to watch it without Bill in it, it just wouldn’t do for me.

(Can’t help it – too much Bill things happening on this one day!)

I am eagerly waiting for 2 pieces of (paper) mail. One is the envelope with the rushes of my short, still haven’t seen it! The other is much better, I will tell you when it arrives. Both have been very delayed, as it seems that Royal Mail is still catching up on their backlog after the strike. Patience, patience.

I am going to New York in 19 days. And I cross my fingers that the sky doesn’t fall down before I leave, or that the earth gets blown up to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

I have a week more holiday I need to use before Christmas and I have no idea what to do with it. Not going anywhere fancy I guess (because of the laptop) but let’s see.

This weekend will be me trying not to monkey about too much and actually get some writing done, watch a movie or two and on Sunday I will indulge in beautiful music in a beautiful environment with beautiful people.

What are you going to do?

I hope you enjoy yours. I will try to enjoy mine.

9 thoughts to “Not everything is as it seems”

  1. I thought you were very much into Bill’s :)
    Wow, a girl who wears cufflinks. How cool is that?
    About the screen writing course: Don’t bite more off than you can chew. There is plentry of time to start this course. Life starts at 40 !
    Why buy a new laptop? Maybe you can get yourself a nice used one?
    My weekend? On Saturday I must work and on Sunday I must work even more..:(

  2. Yeah I just noticed that I spelled the wrong Bill’s with a capital B as well :)

    About the cufflinks, well I like them, there are a lot of girly ones available here in London, and most girl shirts don’t come with buttons so you kind of have to wear them! I do like them.

    Spot on Pedro, I have been biting off much more than I can chew lately, I have to slow down a bit. You are so right,

    About the laptop, I am not sure I want the hassle of buying a seoond hand one. I am not to eager to buy one off eBay to be honest, and don’t really know where to go for used ones otherwise.

    You work too much!

  3. I just read the line-up for the Patrick Doyle Concert. If you’re allowed to take pictures, will you please take many and share them with us poor fabulous-British-gentleman-voices deprived folk? *please visualize the most pleading puppy look you can imagine*
    (Yes, you are dealing with yet another Rickmaniac.. ;))

  4. Grigorisgirl is going too and she has first row seats, so she might sneak a pic or two, as of what I have heard, she seems to have a thing for Mr. Rickman too. (*understatement of the year*) It’s good to know I am not the only mad person around. I am from the Bill department and just utterly depressed that they didn’t manage to frumble Bill into the program!

  5. A day off today and I listened to the new Charles Paris (my first time of listening) and just loved it, laced as it is with wonderful humour. Bill Nighy of course was great, but also a very good if short lived cameo from Leslie Philips. My weekend, a complete reorganisation with my son of his bedroom (more room needed for his array of guitars and amps).Enjoy music from the movies.

  6. @Winter solstice – Charles Paris is a joy, what more can I say. It’s very funny too. Good luck with reorganizing!

    @Marieke: Unfortunately (Bill postcard – Damn that makes it even more unbearable!) it hasn’t arrived yet. I still have hopes that things will arrive at some point. Some of it is now 2 weeks delayed, and other stuff 1 week. I believe they are still catching up on the strike. And I really hope things didn’t get lost in the mess of that. It is driving me mad. They can keep my bills (the non capitalized ones) but not the good stuff!

  7. As for the cufflinks, you can see it this way: if you’ve lost one of each pair, you did not lose two pairs, what happens is that you now have an exclusive (and original) brand new pair ;)

    Sorry to hear about the not so good parts, but, on the other hand, there seem to be quite a lot of good parts (even including Bill) going on to make up for that, I hope :)

    Have a brilliant weekend!! :)

  8. A “thing”? A “thing”?
    I don’t know what you are talking about!!;)
    I think the Albert Hall has strict no photos rules:(
    ((However I shall take my camera and phone camera just in case!)
    Oh well midday here so I must start the beautifying process (and it could take some time…………)

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