Music from the Movies, Royal Albert Hall – London

Yes that is Alan Rickman

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It was my first time in the Royal Albert Hall. I hope it wasn’t the last time, because it is absolutely beautiful inside. I took a picture with my mobile phone, not too funky, but it gives an impression: Inside the Royal Albert Hall. It is really classy, and it was the perfect venue for an event like this.

And then there were the stars.

Alan Rickman was definitely one of the coolest. Nice suit, classy man. It is very weird to see people in real life, and with Alan Rickman, it was weird to experience that he does in fact have this very voicilicious voice! Chocolate for the ears that.

Judi Dench was a joy to watch. If I have 10% of her class and grace (and humour) by the time I am 73 then I will be happy. She is someone who shows you that getting older doesn’t mean getting boring and sitting behind your plants looking out of your window. Very inspiring, great actor, and also here: beautiful voicilicious voice!

Emma Thompson was both gracious but also very funny. She was wonderful, citing a bit of Shakespeare, while barefooted feeding the London Symphony Orchestra grapes while they were trying to concentrate on playing their instruments. She is lovely.

The highlight for me however was Sir Derek Jacobi. He came in and seemed very nervous indeed. He stepped behind the microphone and changed from this somewhat nervous man in a suit to the most powerful man on stage, citing his lines like a king transforming into someone magical. The power of a great actor and all respect for him. I was pleased to hear the audience roar for him, he was the only person called back on stage twice because of this performance and he deserved it.

The music was wonderful, having it played by a huge orchestra like the London Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by a huge choir. I enjoyed watching the violinists in their penguin suits, and I have been laughing about the pianist a lot. He only had to play on few of the numbers, but had to sit the whole thing through anyway behind his piano. And he looked really bored at times. I was waiting for him to fall asleep, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

I didn’t bring a decent camera because I expected all cameras to be banned (darn because they weren’t!). So all I could do was taking some crappy shots with my mobile phone. I met Grigorisgirl (pleasure!) though, she had a more decent camera with her as far as I could see, so go there for your Alan Rickman fix. I am sure she took some picture of the man.

8 thoughts to “Music from the Movies, Royal Albert Hall – London”

  1. Thanks for taking at least one AR pic! ;) Can’t wait till Grigorisgirl posts hers.
    The Royal Albert Hall looks HUGE (and gorgeous)!
    Glad to hear you had an enjoyable evening (not that I was expecting anything other than that). :)

  2. I should stop reading your posts now, really. Every time there’s something that I’d desperately want to do or see as well and I can’t, mainly because of the sad yet true fact that I do not live in London. How I envy thee, seeing Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson both in real live.

  3. Lovely review. I was there with Grigorisgirl and I have pictures too. Couldn’t see the pianist from our seats.

  4. @Michelle: Enjoyable evening indeed!
    @hsin-chi: what can I say.
    Do know though that I will never ever take London for granted, I feel privileged to live her.

    @Jill – yeah it was cool, and I am starting to feel guilty now.

    @grigorisgirl – very lovely to meet you too! And – go over to grigorisgirl’s site for really cool pictures of all celebs previously mentioned!

    @fairygothmum – we like the same men :) Antony Head and sex god Daniel Craig – yeah :) Nice pictures too!

    @Annerie – this was a one off. It was actually a charity event to support Leukemia research,. (The composer of all the film music that was played survived leukemia and wanted to raise money for this charity).

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