Good morning

Yesterday night I send off 51 pages of my script to my tutor.
I felt great when I send it and I thought:
“Eat this you moth…, you, you, you tutor!”
30 minutes later: “I think it was quite alright”
1 hour later “I hope it was alright”
2 hours later “Oh bloody hell, it’s crap isn’t it”
2.5 hours “Worst script ever”
3 hours later “I am not going to class on Saturday, no way”

So this morning I was late and I was tired and I might even have been a bit grumpy.
I closed the door behind me and started walking to work.

I met an old man.

I have seen him before in the morning, he wears glasses and a baseball cap, he walks very slowly and he normally doesn’t have his teeth in at that time of the day.
“Good morning” he said out of the blue.
“Good morning” I said back, surprised.

“Oh, I ‘m sorry, I thought you were Michael”

Now, this isn’t the first time I get mistaken for a boy (short hair, sneakers, jeans girl as I am) so I didn’t really mind. Maybe Michael is incredibly handsome, in a girlish kind of way, I thought. Michael might even have the same type of shoes as I do. (If you do Michael, be careful when it rains …).

So I said:
“No problem”

And he smiled and looked at me and

“Have a nice day”
and stumbled on.

He was really nice and he wiped any sign of grumpiness out of my head with his toothless smile.

2 thoughts to “Good morning”

  1. Lovely – sometimes the balance of our mood can be changed by tiny unimaginable things, isn’t it? (And I’m pretty sure your script is great, btw)

  2. Those are the best sorts of encounters … brief moments with a stranger that make one cheered and buoyant.

    I suspect your script was good … before the devilish doubts set in. I wish we could all banish those from our thoughts!

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