Monday miscellanea


I wish I could write short posts. I think I am going to force myself to do a short post week soon.

But some keywords: fall, posh shoes, banksy, writing, my office, dogs, jammy dodgers.

  • This picture is taken in the office I work in. I still like this building a lot. There is a cafe downstairs, and if the food wasn’t as crap as it is, I would actually go there.
  • I have seen people skate boarding in the corridors which are very long and which have the perfect shiney concrete floor for skateboarding.
  • Our next door neighbour is a crazy painter who plays his music excessively loud sometimes and who tries to look like the karate kid (with headband and all) but really doesn’t. He is around my age and honestly, you start to be a bit pathetic dressed up like that.
  • The best thing of this office building: there are dogs. Lots of dogs. I love dogs.
  • When driving to work this morning in my big red car, I again realized that London is absolutely beautiful in the fall. The sun was still low and the colours of the leaves in Hyde Park are extraordinary.
  • It’s not Love, actually, but I love this new Banksy. I particularly love the way he has integrated the 2 yellow lines from the street into his flower. True art.
  • After more than a week after this disaster, I tried them on again. It doesn’t rain today. And I was brave, because I dared to ascend the stairs to the upper floor in the bus with them. I even carefully walked through a puddle of water with them and I didn’t fall. The reason for wearing them: Shadowlands tonight. The reason for not falling: I think my 2 weeks of bad karma are over.
  • The second day in class went well too yesterday. As Charles does, my tutor loved the Jammy Dodgers. I heard him laugh when he was reading it, so that’s a good thing. I will make some final small changes to the short script and then it is ready to shoot. When I have found the courage to do it.
  • And one more weird thing about writing a story. Yesterday we discussed the next scene each of us was going to write.
    Mine is a scene in which male character Will gets seduced by a beautiful blond girl. And let it be clear, Will is supposed to end up with my female character Nik.
    So when super Sam asked if Will was going to go for it, I told him – Of course not.
    And he said, pity, because that means that there isn’t a scene at all.
    Wouldn’t it be much more interesting if he went for it?
    And I said Noooo, he would never do that.
    But Sam said – he is a man, he had too much too drink, and this beautiful girl wants him. You really think he says no?
    And I could see, that, in film, he probably wouldn’t.
    I also think that in real life, he definitely wouldn’t.
    So she is going to be blond and too beautiful, and I will name her Britney…
    However hard it is going to be to write him into the arms of this completely wrong girl, it is going to be necessary.
    The thought that he, eventually, will end up in the arms of the right girl, is the only reason I can write it.
    The power of the writer.

3 thoughts to “Monday miscellanea”

  1. Sam’s right, I am afraid. If there’s booze and a cutie involved… Pity, but this seems to be the reality of life. I hope Nik won’t learn about Will’s lapse. But there again, Sam and real life will probably dissent. The least you can do for Nik is call the cutie Britney… Cool name ;)

  2. Coming up with Britney as a name was a no brainer :)

    Writing the scene is ripping my heart out though. And Nik will learn about it, because the more drama the better. (in film that is)

    I know it is the reality of life, but it is the kind of reality of life I don’t want to know about. I guess the reason why I want to write this genre (romantic comedy) is because reality it too unpleasant to think about. I am a tragic romantic and a dreamer.

  3. The power of the writer … and there’s nothing like forgiveness to add some good moments to a film.

    I was glad to hear that you got into the new shoes again and took them off to Shadowlands… it sounds like a wonderful play!

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