The Girl goes S&M

Bob and Mick on the wall.
Red seats.
Red and white checkered plastic cloth on the table.
4 types of mustard.
HP Sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and ketchup.
And S&M in a London mix on the plate right in front of me.

How many Britons points do I get for actually liking that?

If you want it too, you can get it here.
And this is what it looks like. I think that Dutch people generally will like it as we are as kinky with potatoes as the Brits are. Or so it seems.

Have you ever tried a bit of S&M?

Update: Here is the Dutch version (as my mother makes it that is) of S & M

13 thoughts to “The Girl goes S&M”

  1. I have but it wasn’t good. I made it myself. Next time I’ll let someone with a bit more gastronomic experience cook it for me ;)

  2. I quite like Bangers & Mash, or Sausage & Mash for that matter.

    But for tea! What does that mean, are you having it with your tea? (That sounds weird to me :)

  3. Yes, that looks better to me, Boerenkool met worst. if you come over I`l make it for you ;o-)

  4. Been a long time since I had bangers and mash! Great idea and so cool to see that London is still absolutely ‘it’ when it comes to sheer inventiveness.


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