Love actually on his back

Love actually on  his back

On learning new words and expressions, finding love on a stranger, and a random act of kindness.

I learned a new word yesterday, and I think it is one of my favourite English words ever:
It comes from scrumptious which means: 1 delicious. 2 delightful.
Mmm, beautiful word indeed.

I also learned a new expression:
“to fancy the pants off someone”

I knew you could fancy someone, I had no idea you could fancy the pants off someone. How cool.
Be assured that that line will be written into the script too.

It is really useful for me to talk to native Brits picking up their expressions and learning new words. It is important when attempting to write a script set in today’s London.

When browsing through my pictures this morning I found the one you see on the top. I remember being annoyed about him walking through my frame as I was trying to do a motion tracking shot of the bike you can see half behind him.
Now that I gave the photo a second look I am intrigued.
Who is this man?
That’s a cool hat he is wearing.
And I swear I did not manipulated the photo at all – but it that a heart shape thingy on his back?

It must be the reflection of the sun of something, but I was rather surprised when I had a closer look at it. The picture is taken around Russell Square by the way, in August this year. I kind of regret now that I didn’t follow him.

Apart from looking at that man, I have also been looking at another man.

Have you ever received a random act of kindness?
“A random act of kindness is a purportedly selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up a stranger.”

Well I did a week or two ago, from a complete stranger. That extremely kind stranger helped me out with something I have been searching for for a couple of years now. And thanks to that person I have added quite a bit of impossible-to-get-90’s-BBC-series with that man in it to my collection. I still can’t believe it but am extremely thankful for this.

Now, don’t contact me to ask what it was because I won’t tell you, and unless you’re a native Brit, you probably won’t know it anyway. I won’t make copies either, it’s a part of the deal. But in stead of writing on my script yesterday evening I found myself again glued to the TV for 5 hours indulging the unthinkable.

That man is so scrummylicious he should come with a warning stapled to his tie.

7 thoughts to “Love actually on his back”

  1. Scrummy cakes! One of my favourite phrases!
    Glad you are still learning and glad you got your searched after tape. When I fist entered the world of Rickman I was amazed at the generosity of strangers who would pass on much sought after stuff.

  2. It is amazing how generous people are, and most generous ones are Brits, I am not making that up.

    Did you get Charles “Jammy” Paris episode 2 by the way?

  3. Ingrid, You should have followed him … if only because he has a cool hat! I’m glad you were able to add more of That Man to your collection. I love when people do things for no other reason than just being helpful.

    Scrummylicious … that is a good one!

  4. @Kate: I know! The hat is cool isn’t it! But at the time of the photo, even though he walked right passed me, I didn’t notice him. I first noticed him when I looked at the picture months later! I find that heart shaped light on his back ultimately intriguing.

    @Ella – have seen, great trailer that is. I look forward to Valkyrie. It is a bit weird to see Master Nighy that serious though. And – what do you mean completely off-topic – it’s not off-topic at all! I just put a pic of Bill in full uniform up over at

  5. Thank you, Ingrid, I felt embarrassed posting about it after this entry, since it was a bit off-topic with regards to what you wrote. It is a great trailer. I wish it weren’t Tom Cruise headlining the film, though. Obviously, it’s a bigger deal to me than it is to Bill, whom I am sure will be brilliant.

    You’re right, he is INCREDIBLY serious in this role. In other roles, Bill tends to give even his serious moments a bit of softness, whether by making himself funny or vulnerable or both. :)

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