Going Home

I am off to the Netherlands for a couple of days. To eat my mothers Bangers & Mash, a dutch film version of Love Actually (oh yeah), visits to my old Grand parents (they are 89 and 93, but don’t tell them I wrote “old” because they are not, according to themselves) and the rest of my family.

I know from experience that I won’t have time to write, so unless something extraordinary happens (like meeting Mr. Scrummylicious in a Dutch snack bar, I mean I got the stardust now remember) you won’t hear from me until Tuesday where I will shortly touch base in London before heading off to New York.

In the mean time you can have a look at Charlie, decide if you are going to pick up the last extremely-limited-edition-due-to-be-a-collectors-item-cards or just stay put till I am back.

Have a great weekend.

7 thoughts to “Going Home”

  1. I hope you have a great trip. It’s always nice visiting your parents/having them visit you. My mother’s home this week, too :)

  2. I watched the trailer of ‘Alles is Liefde’ and while I didn’t understand anything, I think I got the drift.

    Enjoy and have a wonderful time visiting your mum and your grandparents! See you again on Tuesday!

  3. I don’t like Dutch movies. Most of the time you see the same people over and over again. They can’t act and the actors who can have disappeared to the US.

    Enjoy your stay in Holland !

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