Bye IJsselstein, Hello London

For a very short moment. No long post this time, but photos with short captions in stead which should give some sort impression of how the weekend has been.

I need to unpack and pack for tomorrow. It was nice coming home to a fantastic postcard that has been travelling since the 2nd of October and finally seemed to have found me this weekend. (Royal Mail keeps amazing me, and not in a good way). And there was more good stuff in my postbox, a DVD and a CD all related to that man, and send by the same kind person that send me other things. I need to think about a something good to send back to that person, because it is nearly too much to accept all this.

Step inside for the pictures, then I will continue to sing along to The Police – Every breath you take.

Oh, and the Girl is going to Dubai. Isn’t that cool?


8 thoughts to “Bye IJsselstein, Hello London”

  1. Not only Royal Mail, but also TNT here in Holland is great in delivering mail (NOT!)
    I told you, I told you. Dutch movies are bad !
    The worst thing is that you paid € 8,50 to see it.

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    I liked your photos. The picture of you by your 7-year-old niece is really cute. Bill with a pug … doesn’t he look yummy!

  3. Whoa! Well, next time I find a nice postcard on Market Square here in Breda, I’ll deliver it myself. I’m glad you liked it, though! :-)

  4. @Pedro: I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. But it was bad indeed. I like Carice van Houten though, but as you said, she is off doing more interesting things now. (in Valkyrie for one)

    @Edwinek – I am a very quiet person in real life :) (No I am not, depends on what’s flooding into my ear)

    @Kate: yes she is already a better artist than I am:) Yes very yummy, and scrummy too. The both of them.

    @Marieke – I am surprised it arrived! 6 weeks ! Unbelievable. It is by far the coolest postcard I have received this year. So a big thank you to you!

  5. A windmill! Haha, that is so Dutch. I was totally disappointed when I didn’t see one in Amsterdam or even at Schiphol. And the Bill photo made me laugh as well :)

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