London » New York

Packed suitcase.
Charged batteries.
Loaded iPod with the right tunes and voiciliciousness.
2 paper notebooks and a couple of pens.
Passport, plane ticket and theatre ticket reservations (let’s see what happens).
Credit card.
The need to relax and be away for a couple of days.
2 lucky coins in my pocket.
I am ready.

Irregular posting the next couple of days, but I surely will write from the Internet cafe in 23rd Street, just around the corner of the Empire State building.

See you in New York.

7 thoughts to “London » New York”

  1. Have a wonderful trip, Ingrid! it sounds as if you are all prepared – I like the two lucky coins and oh my, voiciliciousness. Enjoy and may the theatres be open!

  2. In 2 days you’ll be waking up in New York city; how cool is that !!!
    Send our favorite building my love ;o)

  3. Seems you ‘re all packed and ready to go.
    The coins will have to do the job ?
    OK, it ‘s not Kopenhagen…
    but have a nice time anyway !

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