Hello New York

New York is familiair but different. I know London well now, walking around in a big city is fine, but I can feel that I am more alert walking around in New York. And New York is different. It’s good, it keeps my eyes open, it makes me more aware and it makes me want to grab my camera all the time. I love that feeling.

It has been a very long day, it’s 22.33 now, local NY time, that’s 3.33am London time. I forced myself not to go to bed too early in order to quickly adjust to the New York time schedule.

Unfortunately both (!) my theatre plays have been cancelled due to a big strike on Broadway (about everything is cancelled on Broadway, has been for some days, and will be for some days to come). I am not too sad about it, I would have loved to see Kevin Kline but there is enough to see here and I am just really(!) grateful they didn’t strike when I came here to see The Vertical Hour last time.

I just came back from the cinema and saw American Gangster. Russell Crowe is not convincing, Denzel Washington on the other hand is cracking in this one.

I haven’t been too far around yet, but walked on Broadway and winked to both the Empire State Building (which is lit in blue at the moment, my favourite colour) and the beautiful Chrysler building.

Need some sleep now so will roll into my bed, which isn’t that far a roll, I am typing this from behind a free internet pc in my hotel.

Good night from New York.

5 thoughts to “Hello New York”

  1. Sorry to hear your theatre palns have been cancelled. I’ve heared a lot about the strike on TV the last week, but I thought it only concerned the TV and movies industry.
    Is het because of World Diabetes Day that ESB is bathing in blue light?
    Have a nive roll ;)

  2. @Zazz – thank you! It rains today :-( which doesn’t bother me really, but it makes taking photos a bit harder.

    @Pedro – the screenwriters strike is something different. They strike too, but the theatre strikers are having a seperate strike. It is indeed unfortunate, but then, you can’t have it all.

    About ESB and blue light – I have no idea! I have the feeling that they change the colours of the lights on it regularly.

  3. And there you are on the other side of the Atlantic already!! Sorry about the strike but, as you say, better now than on the previous time you were there! Enjoy all the rest, then :)

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time oever there, hope the wether is going to be better for you, enjoy and let us enjoy your pictures after you come back ;o-)

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