Take me to the bridge

It rained yesterday, nearly all day. But as you know rain doesn’t really bother me, and with an M&S umbrella I managed to stay dry most of the time. The only thing that is a bit hard in the rain is taking pictures. So I did some indoor shopping (Cup cakes should come with a serious warning), bought the obligatory pair of Levi’s (which really are ridiculously cheap if you are used to London prices) and did a lot of walking.

I also went back to 66th street where there is a huge Barnes & Noble bookshop, and a cinema.

And while outside it rained, I sat inside with a coke and watched a romantic comedy, and it has been a long while since I have seen a good one, but this one was absolutely great. If you like the genre, check out “Dan in real life” (with a first name like that, how could it not be great). Steve Carell is playing the main character, and while I had to get used to him through some of his other films, he is absolutely beautiful in this one. He plays “I am in love but I don’t really know it yet” very well. Go see it. Juliette Binoche is in it too. And Emily Blunt.

When I stepped out of the cinema it was dry. Hurrah! I jumped on the subway to 42nd Street, because even though there wasn’t any theatre to go to (byeTom Stoppards Rock ‘n Roll, you and me just were not meant to be) Times Square always intrigues me. I had a quick glance at the Music Box theatre in 45th but it had all the wrong names on there so I left and fished my camera out of my bag.

Times Square was “relatively” quiet and I ended up experimenting with “drawing with lights” there. And while I can only see the pictures on the small screen on my camera, I hope they are as great as they seem to be when I blow them up on my computer. They look very cool.

It was cold, the weather has changed from rain to clear, I warmed up in shop and bought a IloveNY tshirt (because I do) and then threw myself on the next photo project. Yeah. And I ended up taking about 50 of them. “Post no Bills”. And before you call the shrink, just wait till you see them. I integrated people in them, and again I hope they are as cool as they look in small. And about rain: rain gives puddles, and puddles on Times Square gives very good photo possibilities too. Take the weather as it comes, that’s the trick.

This morning I woke up to sunshine. Hurrah! It’s 9am now, I am completely awake, ate breakfast and dressed and showered (not in that order). I will put on my coat (it’s cold but clear today) and then I am off to the Brooklyn Bridge and will walk over the walkway to the other side. It should give a great view over Manhattan, great for pictures too.

What can I say. New York amazes me every time.

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  1. What a wonderful outlook on the changing of the weather. Sounds like you are in the right career taking pictures. You must love what you do. You make it sound so carefree and happy with NY being such a fantastic place especially to take pictures. I live in a small rural town in US so our love for what we are doing may be the same but our situations or so different.

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