Post No Bills and ghosts, the New York way

POST NO BILLS Ghosts - The New York way

I know you have been waiting for this, so here we go: Post No Bills ghosts, the New York way. I am afraid that this isn’t the end of it, yet.

Things I noticed in and about New York:

  • The weird size of the newspaper. I read a NY times, and it seems very long but less wide than our British papers. It was also a bit more boring, layout wise.
  • Most prices in the shops are ex. sales tax. Sales tax for New York city is about 8.375% (it’s different per state!), and it is not that big a deal when you know it, but just imagine prices being changed from $5 to $5.41875 (5.42) and you understand why the number of coins in your wallet explodes for everything you buy.
  • Yep, there is an excessive use of Post No Bills all over the city (good!). But what I didn’t understand, why do they write it on places you can’t reach without a very long ladder? Do they really think that I would go that far?
  • There are many angry people on the street. (Is it the President?)
  • No queue culture – at all.
  • Paul Newman’s Organic chocolate in the supermarket. If he can do it, how about …. here in London.
  • A “small” Coke in the cinema is the size of a bucket.
  • The escalator are at least twice as slow as the London ones.
  • I miss it.

5 thoughts to “Post No Bills and ghosts, the New York way”

  1. Welcome back (kinda ;o) to this side of the pond.
    I wish we had Newman’s sauce over here, the salad ones are supposed to be fantastic. And all proceeds go to charity too !

  2. Haha, the size of a bucket! Imagine a large coke then. “Would you like a wheelbarrow to go with your drink, miss?”

  3. Those were good … I laughed about the size of a small coke. It’s the same thing here, but not so with the popcorn (at least to me!)

    You’d think people would have been happier considering that US Thanksgiving was yesterday.

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