Baby, be prepared to be surprised

Love in London
This is London

Here is one of the lovely songs from the soundtrack of the great Dan in real life. The whole soundtrack has been created especially for this film by Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Leche. And I think he has done a marvelous job, the songs integrate perfectly with the film.

Too late …

Trailer is here

OK. In the mean time I try to drag myself back to my script. I am on page 68 and moving towards the last 20 minutes of the film where the 2 main characters are going to have some final obstacles before they, at last (!), are prepared to be surprised. I think I have the title too. In order to write I need to be in some kind of mood and to get there I often listen to music. At this moment it’s a soundtrack, and more particular this song, of the film I have mentioned too many times now.

Have a good weekend. More Un-New-Yorky New York pictures coming up.
And be prepared to be surprised.

Be prepared to be surprised
When I wrap my arms around you
Every mistake we made crumbles

9 thoughts to “Baby, be prepared to be surprised”

  1. Be prepared to be surprised… Film start of ‘Dan in real life’ in my country is March 20, 2008. And they won’t show the original version any earlier. Too bad. (But something to look forward to.)

  2. I just discovered that ‘Dan in Real Life’ is playing here … Juliette Binoche is in it. I love her acting.

    I liked your recommendation of how to beat the winter blahs!

  3. @Grigorisgirl – I am pretty bad with recognizing American actors, so I have no idea!

    @Zazz: yes it comes late to Europe, the UK on the 11th of January.

    With the risk of tuning up expectations really high: I think it is worth the wait.

    @Kate: 3 words for you – Go See It!

  4. It looks like a really great feel good movie. One to watch with my friends. How’s life readjusting to London again ?

  5. Sorry for the hiccup, I mentioned your link in the post you commented on. Hope you will forgive the mistake. Liked your posts on your trip to New York; how is it to be back in London again?

  6. Oh, and if you rather have me delete your postcards, do say so. It’s just that I liked them and wanted to share it a bit with the world.

  7. @hsin-chi – well if I am completely honest – I am not very happy about it. They get resized and start to look grainy, and I just feel that they belong to my website.
    You can leave the ones you have posted, but if you would refrain from taking other ones I will be happy. Thank you.

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