It’s Monday

Who is it?

When I was doing the Roosevelt Island aerial tram, I took some pictures while looking down. My idea was to take some of the yellow New York taxis, and I did while hovering over them, and on one of them this bloke walked into my picture.

Again, I didn’t notice anything at the time, I was way too busy to get over this exhausting experience of being high. However, when I looked at this picture a bit closer, I found that this man looks very much like someone I know well.

I won’t mention his name, just to see if you think so too, because maybe it is just my (too) lively imagination (again). And I am not even sure if he was in NY at the time I was there.

But don’t you think he looks quite a bit like ….

(In the photoblog: A picture of my favourite building, up close.)

8 thoughts to “It’s Monday”

  1. Yeah, he sure looks like him (and I didn’t take a peak at Marit’s answer ) I looked up some other pictures and tried to compare them but unfortunately it’s just a bit too fuzzy.
    Just say :Ingrid saw Ricky G. in New York, isn’t it cool ;o)

  2. It’s more like I flew over him but didn’t notice him at all before looking at the picture. At the time I was just annoyed that he stepped into frame. He really does look like him if you ask me. I will post the original photo somewhere this week.

  3. yep. looks like Ricky to me.
    no idea ‘s the real deal or not but it’s sure obvious from this angle.

    great shot :)

  4. “It’s Monday and Ricky G. is on his way to his new job as a private detective. His cover, however, is not very convincing.” Oh god, I’m so bored. Sorry about that. Really groovy, though, that he just happened to walk into the frame. He looks a bit mean.

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