This is not an xmas card and Eddy and Bridget

I have designed my “this is not a xmas card” card and I am quite pleased with the result, it is very colourful. They are ordered and should be with me between now and 3 weeks. This means that they probably won’t be with you before Xmas, but hey, it is not an xmas card anyway. I will send out an email to the 19 lucky people who are now struggling to find/make a card on the “love, actually” theme. Know that my card fits into that theme as well, and that I am so looking forward to receive 19 postcards with Christmas!

Talking about Christmas.

Eddy the goat I got a letter from Eddy. Remember Eddy? Eddy is doing well I can tell you. Eddy reminded me of the upcoming Christmas, and wondered if I could bother to send him some company. Which I did, of course. So Bridget is now on her way to Eddy, together with a vet care kit.

And before you start:

This is not a “look how good I am” post. I merely hope it’s a – “ah – good idea – I’ll think about it” post.

And about Eddy and Bridget: Oxfam only provides livestock to communities where livestock keeping is an essential or traditional way of life, and appropriate to the local environment. The cost of each Unwrapped gift includes the cost of vaccinations for the animals, plus training for families who receive them on how to look after them, keep them healthy, use their manure to grow crops, and sell their milk. This sort of income often means families can afford to buy food or medicine, or send their children to school. As a result these animals are highly prized – and not slaughtered for meat.

So in stead of buying another tie for your brother (he doesn’t wear them anyway) or a jar of “Anti-ageing and sun-kissed glow day creme” (come on you don’t believe that crap do you?) for your sister – maybe it is time to buy something more original. And useful. Not for you but for people who probably have more need for it.

Watch the advert for “Say No to the horror of rubbish presents” (the outtakes are funny too!)

And go shopping for some non-rubbish presents in Oxfam Unwrapped.

Not in the UK? I am sure your local Oxfam can help you out.

Make Poverty History, with small steps.
And if I can’t convince you, let uncle Bill do it.

5 thoughts to “This is not an xmas card and Eddy and Bridget”

  1. Good post Ingrid. The Oxfam outtakes were hilarious … electric toilets and all. I wonder if scarves count as rubbish presents?

  2. Kate: your scarves are not rubbish presents! They are beautiful!

    About the Oxfam ad, I have no idea who the toilet guy is, but he is very funny! (I bet he is a comedian).

  3. Novib (oxfam) sends out a Christmasmailing every year to make sure highly Holidaystressed people like me
    (born on Dec.22nd and had a baby at NewYears’ as well,
    all the shopping and cooking, did I mention the 2 X-mas days yet…aaaargh) don’t forget to buy someone a gift who truly needs it. Like school supply’s for kids in Africa or indeed, a goat.
    Sometimes I ask my wealthiest friends if they are ok with a donation in their name instead of a stupid gift om top of all the s*** they allready own. They ussually like that (or they feel it’s really bad to say NO ;o)

    And yes, am working on the postcard. I allready packed most of the stuff I needed in movingboxes, so I’m kinda cursing my way through it…

  4. I’ve thought about doing this as well and actually decided yesterday to buy two goats in my parents’ names instead of the traditional bottle of Johnnie Walker and lame CD with Danish artists :)

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