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The Man Of Your Dreams

When I walked home Tuesday with 2 orange Sainsbury’s bags filled with eatables, I happened to bump into The British Fashion awards ceremony which was held in Lawrence Hall, Horticultural Halls in London.

Lawrence Hall, got that? It is just around the corner from where I live. it’s good to live close to Lawrence, and despite a well chosen venue name, I turned down the invitation (hey I got the shoes now, you know).

The only reason I noticed it was because there was a big group of press mosquitoes hanging around the entrance, and every time a girl stepped out of a taxi, they started flashing their cameras. A closer look at those girls made me realise that this had to had something to do with fashion as their dresses were, erhm, very fashionable, in a non fashion sense of the word.

I don’t get it to be honest. Those dresses, with meters of fabric dragging behind them – apart from them being excellent floor sweepers – who would buy such a dress, and when would you wear it? (Apart from being an A-lister attending a red carpet premiere). Did I see anyone famous? Mmm not really. I saw Kelly Osborne in a ruby red sweeper, but I was bored too quickly to hang around to spot others. I would probably not have recognized anybody anyway.

Something else: for those who like to be creative, and for those who like flowers, and men, or more particular men with flowers, and who doesn’t, a friend of one of my colleagues has started a project called Man with flowers, and he is looking for submissions. Read more about the project here (it has just started) and have a look. And if you feel like it, submit your own!

I quite like the theme, so I pushed the script aside for an evening and worked on something for this website. I found the man and stuck a flower onto him. It was kind of easy to find the inspiration, it always is with this man.

You can see my submission over here.

Tonight we will edit our one minute short film. I believe it when we are actually doing it, but lets see. It needs to be submitted before the 31st of December. When it is up (I think they open the shorts for the public in January) I’ll let you know. I just wanted to mention it here, so you don’t think that is was only talks and nothing is happening. Things are happening, just in a very slow tempo. Good I am such a patient person.

3 thoughts to “Fashion, Man with flowers”

  1. I love your submission for the Men with Flowers exhibit. I hope your short gets edited tonight, but I guess the schedule is not one that you can control.

    I love snow too – it’s the only thing that makes the -34c temperatures bearable. It is the lack of daylight that gets to me.

  2. Reading about the BFA and the trouble with your new shoes, I guess you’re not a dress person.
    Man with Flowers is a great site, but I don’t have any submissions (I want to show or talk about), so don’t expect anything from me on this site. I liked your submission though.
    Maybe it’s to much to ask, but don’t you have a preview (like the blockbusters). Or is a short to short to have a preview?
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. @Kate: the short has been edited, hurrah for that! It’s finished. (-34c`? Wow, that sounds extreme to me!)

    @Pedro: “I guess you’re not a dress person”
    I guess that is the understatement of the year :)

    About the short, all is explained in the next post. You need to be a little bit more patient, unfortunately. :-(

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