Insert Bill’s face up

When you are hit by a writers block, you can always post a silly picture and pretend that the last drop of creativity has not been squeezed out of your brain. I don’t know where it went, my creativity, but it is not in my head at the moment.

And the above picture: New York – Howard Beach airtrain/Sub way station in New York. They are crazy, those Americans. On the other hand they probably think I am too. The queue behind me probably did, why is this girl taking a picture of this bloody machine? Because I had too.

From the short film front I have good news. I have a copy of my short (very short! – 1 minute only). It has been edited, and we added music to it, so it is now finished and ready for submission.

Yes I would love to show it, but can’t just yet, as the competition we are entering it into doesn’t allow it to be shown on other places before the competition submission period is over. So it won’t be before somewhere in January.

I hated the 1 minute clip I made on film school a year ago, but I am quite satisfied with this one. So now I have made 2 very short shorts, does that mean I can call myself a film maker, you think?

I will go out and catch some London sun. In the mean time – if there are any suggestions of things you want to have explored here, you know what to do. More podcasts? (then send me a list of questions) More drawings? More postcards? More questions? More Bill? More Pirates? More Silliness?

Oh, and one important thing: It’s World AIDS Day today.

5 thoughts to “Insert Bill’s face up”

  1. I just wrote a comment about stupid groupthinking Americans who seem to have taken over the US and would call you “weird” for taking a picture of the machine, but I realized I was just being mean.

    Aaaaand…more INGRID!

  2. Hahahhah! I can imagine them looking at you taking a picture of the machine!!

    I think you can definitely call yourself a film maker (wow!!) and of course we are dying with curiosity here to see them, but of course we shall wait as patiently as possible until January.

    As for the rest, well, yes, more of all that, please ;)

  3. I always get annoyed when someone is holding up a queue, so I think the Americans were a bit irritated too.
    When you make one photo, you’re calles a photographer, so why shouldn’t you be called a filmmaker? You made 2 (short) films.
    The short in ‘cinemas’ near you in January 2008! That’s great. Then I can watch it when I’m back from Egypt :)
    A competition? Are there any prices you can win?

  4. How could you not take a picture of that machine?

    I think it’s great that you have finished your short short – it will be fun to see it once the competition is over.

    More of everything, Ingrid, would be perfect – podcasts are good, drawings and postcards are too. Whatever helps to get your creative sparks firing … maybe a short story?

    Have a good upcoming week … I have a flower blooming indoors – on a plant called a Bengal Clock Vine.

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