New York, I heart you

I heart you

When I read Cockie‘s post this morning (she left something nice (chocolate frogs and mice) for the builders who are working on her house) I suddenly remembered that I had to post this picture.

It is nice to do something nice and unexpected for people. When I was in New York, I had loads of cents left (because of their weird pricing system), and I liked to leave some money for the cleaners of my hotel room. So in stead of throwing the coins out, I thought it nice to leave the coins for them (and a couple of paper dollars of course) like this. I hope it put a smile on their face.

Yesterday I saw Fred Claus. Now why would a Xmas cynic like me watch a Xmas film like that, you wonder. Well, there is one good reason: Kevin Spacey. He is in it, and it is too long since I have seen him on the big screen. He was kind of delicious in this film, with black rimmed specs (where have I seen those before) and even though he played the villain, it all ended well in the end. It’s not the best of Christmas films, but I admit it – I cried several times during this film. I am so pathetic.

I also went to see it because I find the choice of films in London at the moment not very inspiring. There are very very few movies that could be used as a mood buster, and that is really what I need in a month like December. Luckily better times are on their way with the upcoming The Golden Compass (Daniel Craig is on nearly every bus her in London – mmm – lovely) and also with Disney’s Enchanted. But honestly, where are all those feel-good rom-com’s that used to come out around Christmas time? Nearly all films currently running in the cinema seems to be about murders and killing people. Bad.

I need to write about 5 more scenes for my script before I send it off today. I have tried with music and Yorkshire tea but I know it is not going to work like that today. So I will print my whole script on paper and take it with me and find a place where I can sit and finish it.

You might get tired of this or think I am even more pathetic, but I can’t tell you how much I miss my Cafe. It’s horrible. I am sure that if I just went there those 5 scenes would be done in an hour or so. Now I don’t even know where to go to write them, and I am not sure they will come to me either. I find it so hard to find a place where you can sit in peace and where they don’t mind you sitting there for 2 hours if you have to. I truly miss it.

New postcard and The Brooklyn Bridge and a NY Ambulance in the photoblog.

4 thoughts to “New York, I heart you”

  1. you should try to visit Cracow one day. An abundance of quiet cafés where they don’t mind you sitting there for a few hours are waiting for you.. Good luck with the last five scenes!

  2. Robtheblob is right, Crakow is great in its abundance of lovely cafes – but I imagine it is not very practical to go there today to finish your script! However – and, btw, I can only imagine how much you miss the cafe, and I assure you it is not at all pathetic – I have absolute certainty that you will pull those last scenes out of the hat brilliantly anyway.

    And – I don’t know about the cleaners in your hotel room in NY, but you sure put a smile on my face :)

  3. You are not pathetic at all!!! Finding places with just the right feel are hard. We get attached to one place and it isn’t easy to replace them. I hope you can do some scouting and find another magical place that will let your writing flow. (will send good thoughts out to all the cafés in London for you!!!)

    Ah, those black-rimmed spectacles …

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