I’m not lost, no no, just undiscovered

NYC cab

  • My 92 pages of script are send to my tutor, and this coming weekend the verdict will fall. Be prepared is what I’d say. And that’s mostly to myself. I am going to contact some friendly people for a read soon as that worked extremely well last time.

    Oh, oh – I put the word “voicilicious” in my script. I wonder if he notices it.

  • I expect 42 rewrites to lay ahead of me.
  • I really really love the (screen) writing process. That’s something I have found out this year. This is what I want to do, and luckily it is relatively easy to combine with a full time job. For now-uh.
  • What really worries me a bit, what will happen after this script is finished. Not with the script, but with my brains. Will a new story bubble up? I can’t feel one on its way at the moment I can assure you. So what if this was the only (feature length) story I had in me? I don’t think I want to think about it just yet.
  • I have just posted one of my favourite pictures from New York. It is not great in the sense of subject, although I like the yellow taxis, but I am happy with it because it is a more or less successful motion capture shot. (Object stands still, background moves). How to take them: shutter speed on 1/25 s, put your camera on continuous shots and take the picture while moving your camera keeping the subject in focus. Takes a lot of practise and patience and attempts. And yes I know it looks like the car is driving down the hill, but hey. You can’t have it all.
  • I will soon make and publish my plan on how I will try to survive the rest of December being a person who hates Xmas.
  • And I need to write something about:
    “how I get myself from an idea of something I would like to accomplish to the fact of that accomplishment, while also keeping my head above water in their everyday life” for Bloglily.
  • I love my new Red (RED) Converse sneakers. Cool shoes. Great cause. And my shoes say things to me like Admi(RED) and Ado(RED). What more do you want.

I am going back to my cheese cake.

2 thoughts to “I’m not lost, no no, just undiscovered”

  1. Nice shot of the taxi. I always fail when I try the motion capture. And I think you need a fantastic new rom-com to inspire you for your next script. We all know the plot is just hidden inside you for now ;)

  2. The picture of the cab is great. It’s like you say, it takes a lot of practise to make such a picture. Well done!
    Hmmm, Ingrid Scrooge needs something to survive Xmas. Maybe you can watch POTC over and over agin till New Years Day :)
    You much at least watch the new Doctor Who episode with Kylie Minogue. I can’t wait myself.

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