Over the moon and into space

bill-nighy-on-board-the-boat-that-rockedRemember the post I just wrote with the pathetic:
“I will soon make and publish my plan on how I will try to survive the rest of December being a person who hates Xmas.”

Forget it. That problem has solved itself already.

Remember what I wrote about Richard Curtis?

Let me refresh your memory:

Richard Curtis is currently working on “The boat that rocked” A period comedy about an illegal radio station in the North Sea in the 1960’s. Which he has written and will direct. Starts filming in March 2008. Richard Curtis can get anyone he wants to in his cast, but I know which name I want to see on the cast list for that one.

OK. So I took the tube today, because I sometimes on purpose break my daily routine. And it was torture.

It took 20 minutes before the train came, and it snailed itself to Hammersmith. I had to change in Hammersmith to a District Line, and sat down in a train full of people who were tired, annoyed, irritated and just generally in a bad mood.

I read the paper. My eye fell on an interview with The Actor. It was quiet, until I heard someone scream “YES!!!!!”. Looking in the direction the rest of the people were looking – that someone had to be – me.

In that interview, one of the questions was:

What’s next?
That actor answers:
I’m about to do Richard Curtis’ new movie which is full of laughs. It’s called the boat that rocked.

I love Richard Curtis, I love Bill Nighy, I loved their corporation in both Love Actually and The Girl In The Cafe.

This is a British comedy, it’s about an illegal radio station in the North Sea (we call that pirates!) and I bet there is a lot of Rock ‘n Roll in it.

Christmas fell on the 4th of December this year.

More Bill? Go here.

Tired of me raving about Bill? I don’t care.

I got to go. I am going to do the Laura Linney for a couple of hours. This grooves me out.

5 thoughts to “Over the moon and into space”

  1. Oh that sounds great. Sadly I am old enough to remember Radio Caroline and Radio London (my favourite). When they were closed down in the late Sixties we left the radio set on the dial for weeks , periodically turning it on and just getting a hiss!

  2. I think we could receive Radio Caronline in the Netherlands too. And we had Radio Veronica, a pirate radiostation too, very popular. One of those two boats stranded one day because of a storm at sea.
    I am old enough to remember that too :)

    But this film – a match made in heaven if you ask me..

  3. This post had me laughing. Happy to see you so excited. Regarding the next post about “growing up,” I like you best this way.

    Back to class now…and finals…

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