13 thoughts to “Under my skin – a pathetic poem”

  1. While reading line six I really expected something about a nose, To alleviate my disappointment, I offer you this alternative version, more in the spirit of rom-com:

    I’m zooming in
    you’re getting close
    I’m concentrating
    on your nose


  2. As long as you’re mentally stable, there’s nothing wrong with being a tragic-romantic. But don’t you like to be a romantic instead of a tragic-roamntic?
    Reading this poem I guess you’re great in writing ‘Sinterklaasgedichten’.

  3. @Edwinek – this was a rom not a com. You must have a nose fetish.

    @Pedro – I haven’t written Sinterklaas gedichten for a while, I am not too fond on writing them to be honest.

    Well you know how mentally stable I am. I shout in the tube. I live with a pirate. And my life exists of hiding in the cinema.

    Would I like to be a romantic in stead of a tragic romantic? Maybe.
    But when I put the candles on my curtains probably catch fire.

    Better to just write about it.

  4. People who would criticise you for your feelings obviously don’t know how glorious it can be to love your inspiration. (OK sometimes it can hurt, too–a lot!–but that is art for you).

  5. @Edwinek – don’t worry I won’t tell anyone

    @Jill – ;-)

    @Ella – I don’t think it was criticising, it was more a conclusion.

    Not sure what you mean with your last sentence though. Hurt-a-lot is art for me?? :)

  6. I think Ella meant it like ‘that’s art for ya’, like in general :o)
    I’m actually dreading exactly what your poem is about. Will I go and just hurt myself or stay at home on the couch tonight…..

  7. @Annerie – I still don’t get it.

    But maybe I should not try to understand the way people interpret what I am writing.

  8. I’m sorry, what I mean is that making art sometimes hurts. I’m sure being inspired sometimes makes you aware of a certain longing. I feel the same way, since I’m an artist. But the end result is that your art (which is your screen writing) is more honest and emotional, which is always good.

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