How to not dread December – the plan

Smooth car in New York

wanted my plan on how to get through December. While for most people December seems to be the time of racing around, stressed, buying presents and generally getting into the mood for Christmas – I try to not get too depressed.

I find December normally a tough time to get through. I am not really a christmassy person, it’s the time where you realize that being single is not always the coolest thing in the world, and the short days and lack of light seem to have their influence on me.

I shortly thought of leaving the country and go travelling, but then, wherever you go it is Christmas, plane tickets prices are doubled up because of that, and the places you go to are busy. I decided to stay in London and make the best of it.

Here is my plan on getting through December without going mad, sad or bad.

  1. I have at least 37 DVD’s with that ehrm, voiciliciously delicious man. This means that I will get through December without having to worry about anything at all, right?
  2. I just ordered: When Harry met Sally, Serendipity and You’ve got Mail. All three are shot in New York. All three are rom-com’s. I expect them to arrive soon. Love Actually, The Girl In The Cafe, Bridget Jones and Notting Hill are already waiting on my table.
  3. My new red(!) laptop will arrive next week.
  4. I have to work, and will only be off on the 25,26,27,28th of December and on the 1st of January. For now-uh. Things might change.
  5. I have to write at least 19 this-is-not-a-christmas-card cards. I look forward to that very much.
  6. If things go as planned I will receive about 19 this-is-not-a-christmas-but-a-love-actually-card cards too. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to see those.
  7. I have 2 days of screen writing class this weekend. I just returned from the first day, and I am again knackered. I can’t really tell what my tutor thought of my script (because I am not really sure what he thinks), but I am ahead of schedule and can begin my first rewrite. I will spend time on that in December.

    There is a break up scene in my script, and I spend quite some time on getting that one right. We broke it down in class and looked at it, and it has to be rewritten. While I felt that this was a tough breakup for both characters, I can now see that it can be and has to be made much tougher. Those scenes are hard to write, especially because you have to dig into your own past and try to remember how those break up scenes went. I am not too proud to admit that I am quite experienced in that area, I never thought that would come in useful, although it is not entirely painless to write those scenes.

    So – quite some time in December will be spent on writing. Both script and here.

  8. I will meet two nice people I have never met before for a tea/coffee in London. Look forward to that too.
  9. I promise to go out and explore some of the 1000 things from this book that I recently bought. I need to and want to fall back in love with London again. I promise to take pictures too.
  10. I will go to the cinema to watch Enchanted and possibly some other movies as well.
  11. I might go and get myself a tattoo.
  12. And here is probably my best idea:
    I put an ad out on Shooting People (which is a film makers community). It was a bit longer but here is my central inquiry:

    I am one of the people not very fond of this time of the year and I was wondering if there are other people around who, in stead of running around in the city like crazy for presents, like to be creative and make a short film?

    Until now I received 8 responses from people who are interested, incl. people with camera experience and a composer. I can’t promise anything because I am depending on other people for this but it looks promising. I will try and do my very best to get it organized and pulled off. It’s just for fun so don’t expect too much. If anything comes out of it, it will be uploaded somewhere so you can have a look.

    Do I have any idea on what the film is going to be about? Not quite, or maybe a little.
    Is there a script? No.

    Let’s see.

Things I won’t do in December:

  • Buy rubbish xmas gifts
  • Go to xmas dinners and get pissed
  • Buy anything that remotely indicates to have anything to do with xmas
  • Put up an xmas tree
  • Burn candles

Because I don’t like Christmas, except when he is all around

13 thoughts to “How to not dread December – the plan”

  1. “I might go and get myself a tattoo.”

    Are you serious about that? Or did you just say it in order to find out if we were reading your 12-point-plan with the due attention? As a mother of two, I am taking every opportunity to tell my kids what I think of tattoo’s: They are fashionable now, but they might not be in a few years time. There is nothing cool or brave about getting a tattoo. Once you’ve got it, it will not be removed easily. In a few years from now you might not like the chosen figure. Or, you might put on weight or get wrinkles, and the motif will look atrocious.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like tattoo’s. Howgh, I have spoken.

  2. Er, well. I am not YOUR mother. It is none of my business. You are of age (even if you’ll never grow up). So, you’ll do as you please.

    I am wishing you luck for point 12 of your december plan. Sounds exciting!

  3. Good luck with your plan. It seems well thought out and practicable. My eyes went very big when I saw the 11th point. A tattoo! Very rock and roll. They’re not special any more (I can’t even tell you how many people I know with tattoos) but if it means something special to you, then sod it. And if you are 100% sure that’s what you want, I say go for it :D

  4. I noticed the shortest point on your list has the biggest impact on your readers. May I dare to ask what kid of tattoo it might become. I’m thinking of a tattoo for a while now, but I still don’t know if I want to do it for real.

    Point 13: Watch the new Doctor Who on Christmas Day 6.50pm !!!!!

  5. OK, I didn’t even want to comment on the tattoo discussion. But since everyone is; putting all my stuff in movingboxes made me come across this drawing I made years and years ago. I wanted it as a tattoo above my right ankle (since that spot doesn’t wrinkle a lot and doesn’t get fatter or thinner much ;o) but everytime I get scared and I don’t go. But I still love the image and I’m sure it’ll be there some day.
    What I really wanted to say is that the BBC is excellent in keeping you glued to the telly with more and less christmassy stuff during the holidays. And I think you won’t even make through the whole list and you will have loads of fun this December !!!!!

  6. I`m your mother and I`m sure you are just joking, I can not imagine you want a tattoo, I`m very certain you don`t want one!!!!

  7. (I highly recommend to watch When Harry met Sally and You’ve got Mail in a row.)

    A tattoo is not something to put in between 20 other things you’re doing in December in such a casual way : )

  8. I just wanted to say that the Christmas Is All Around video gave me a very good laugh! I had never seen it before, it’s hilarious!
    I saw the Love Actually DVD filed under the Special Offers at the store this past weekend, and thought: hey, look, it’s Ingrids film! But I didn’t buy it. Then I came home and read this entry on your blog. Hmmm. Could it be a sign? :-)

    Anyway. Merry December to you then, and good luck on all of your plans!

  9. I also feel quite depressed about the prospect of Christmas. If I had the money I’d just fly off to a warm Muslim country and sit around reading for a week until it’s all over. The film idea is great though – very resourceful of you. I hope it comes off.

    I can’t believe you’re single, btw. You must have them queuing up!

  10. Wow! If I had known that it would make a storm like this, :-)

    @Zazz: It’s nice to suddenly have 2 mothers :-)

    @Anne: I am not doing it because it is rock ‘n roll or hip, I might do it because I want it. So yeah, I might go for it.

    @Pedro: it is going to be small and I will post a pic if (IF!) I do it.

    I will watch Dr. Who!! And the Extras Christmas special too.

    @Anne: I know how to get people’s attention now.

    @Annerie: Go for it!

    @Miek: Sorry to disappoint you mum :)

    @Robtheblob: Yes it is!
    And I will watch When Harry met Sally and You’ve got Mail in a row. They haven’t arrived yet but are on their way.

    @Marieke: It is hilarious isn’t it. Bill has such rock legs, makes me laugh every time. Buy Love Actually, all your favourite British actors are in it, and if you like rom-com’s you’ll love it. Actually.

    @Looby – I’ll do my best on the film idea.

    Well maybe they are queueing up, but not in front of my door! One read on this website and they never come back again :)

  11. I guess, as you said about screenwriting, throw in something that will surprise your audience. The tattoo did it.

    Christmas is my least favourite time too. This year, for the first time since my son was little, I am not putting up a tree. Thankfully, he’s not much into Christmas either. Everyone I know will get scarves. I avoid any stores that play Christmas music (thankfully my grocery store doesn’t play any). The good thing is that the days will soon get longer … my plants are so looking forward to that, as am I.

    I love your idea about getting together with others to make a film… great idea!

  12. I’d say it sounds more like you’ll be busy until next December!!! ;) Anyway, with a 12-point list, you can’t get it wrong really – 12 being an excellent number, that is ;)

    I am very much looking forward to the outcome of several points of your list – one in particular, though!! :)

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