In the Office

Xmas lights Regent Street
Xmas lights Regent Street, they change colour depending on how many people walk around in the street

My office is deserted, I am the only person here guarding the phone, knowing that it won’t ring.

It is cold outside, and in the office, and I am freezing my fingers.

Beside me waits the “You’ve got Mail” DVD with came by mail today, I am tempted to actually stuff it in my laptop and go and watch it now, but I behave.

My iPod is plugged in and plays my newly created “Love Dan Actually” playlist which consists of the soundtracks of two films I have been talking about too much lately.

My christmas cards have not arrived yet, so I can’t start writing those either. My fingers are itching though.

I hope to have news on the “let’s make some short film in December” tonight, we have an initial meeting near Piccadilly and I think I will have a fair sense of the probability of this project after that.

But right now I am sitting alone in the office with a bag of Amaretti cookies.

So – what do you think is going to happen?

7 thoughts to “In the Office”

  1. Cookies!! Always cookies when they are there … hope you enjoyed!

    I hope your meeting goes great and you are able to make a film. It would be fun.

  2. Just when you open the bag of Amaretti cookies, the phone rings. You answer it, but instead of a voice you hear a strange yet familair jingling sound. A little bit annoyed you want to put down the horn and then he appears: The ghost of Christmas Past. It’s a man who looks like Bill N. but he’s carrying around stacks of paper. He puts them on your desk and the first page says: “Ingrid’s Short”.

    “…Ten Lords a-leaping”

  3. @robtheblob – I think you might have a point there ,,,

    @kate – the meeting went very well!! I think the film gets made.

    @grigorisgirl- Hurrah!

    @Mark – no they didn’t.

    @Anne – Well just for the sake of it.

    @Pedro – which Short is that? is he in it?

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