It’s everywhere I go

So if you really love Christmas

It’s the week of unusual encounters with people I have never met before. Unusual encounters are good.

I am about to go for a tea near Notting Hill Gate tube station with someone who is as, ehrm, how to put this, who likes Bill Nighy. A lot. Like I do. We have been chatting and emailing a lot, today she is in London so we have to go for tea and behave like teenagers for a while. I like that, it keeps me young.

Yesterday was a great day for unusual encounters too. I met 5 wonderful people, 1 Irish man and 4 Brits, and we talked about my plan to “go and make a short in December”. I tried to explain them what my idea was – to start from scratch and to collaborate on the project and just go and do it. The groups is very mixed, 3 men and 3 women, and we have all possible talents in the group: actor, editor, several camera operators and therefore access to several cameras. We only needed an idea. It took us about 10 minutes and we were off in space.

Imagine 6 people with creative minds like me, with wonderfully silly ideas, where nothing was considered ridiculous, where everybody had something to contribute with. We came up with a plan for this short and we are going to shoot it.

Now before you go crazy of impatience: this short has to be done by the 18th of January, it will have to be uploaded to a website so you can see it then.

The competition we are going to participate in wants us to remake an existing movie in a 60 seconds short film. We will do that, but we have also decided that we will make a 3 (or something) minutes directors cut version because we have so many ideas, it will be a shame not to use them.

I think it is going to be great, we will have our second meeting on Sunday.

Silly ideas like this often turn out to be not that silly at all. And London has again proven to be that great city with lots of possibilities. I just need to remember to go and grab them.

“When Harry Met Sally” still hasn’t arrived, and my postcards have not either. Starting to get slightly worried now.

3 thoughts to “It’s everywhere I go”

  1. Dont’t you worry about the postcards. Back in Holland the post takes at least three days to arrive after being send off. On the back of the special X-mas sticker stamps thery say: TNT Post strives to deliver your Christmas en New Years wishes within three days. Normally it takes them at least two.

    “…Nine ladies dancing.”

  2. @Pedro – the postcards I am waiting for are the ones I am supposed to send out! :) The ones I have ordered at the printer. So I really hope they come soon, and I am a bit worried!

    And I don’t want ladies – i want men! :)

  3. This was wonderful to read. I am feeling enthusiastic about your project and can just imagine all the ideas that the six of you have come up with. That is a wonderful way to go through the next month.

    Oh, and I think it’s great that you met up with a fellow Bill lover. Acting like teenagers is lots of fun!

    I agree … nine men dancing. Now that would be fun.

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