So if you really love Christmas

Nelson and Horse

Yeah, the title, I know you are getting tired of it, but don’t worry, I’ll behave. I need to tell you something.

I met with a fellow Bill fan today and it was marvelous. It is great to meet people with the same passion as one self, it makes talking so easy. We discussed very important things like: how to make clear that he should not accept wearing a moustache. Not for any role. And do we like him better with or without specs, concluding that we like him both with and without. And a very important issue – should we tell him that he should not do his top button up. We are pretty flexible but we need to take a stand here – we’d really rather not see any top buttons up Bill. (and we are talking shirts here)

You see, all majorly important things – when you are 16. That’s what we were for a short while. I also got my first “this is not a xmas card” card and I have to say – the bar has been set on a very high level. I love this one, it’s so groovy.

Now, looking back at my week this week – I have had a very good week. I have met some wonderful people and London has been very kind to me. So, with most of my December plans in place, and with a fair chance of actually go and make a short film too, I decided to pay it forward.

On the 24th, 25th, 26th I am going to work the afternoon shift from 3pm -11pm for Crisis which is a charity organisation supporting the homeless in London. They organize Crisis Open Christmas, which means running a couple of Christmas centres in London to offer homeless and vulnerably-housed people companionship at a time of year which can be particularly lonely for those without a home or family.

I know that if I wouldn’t plan anything for those days, I would probably just end up sitting on the sofa watching too many Bill movies. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but that’s what I do the rest of the year anyway, so I might as well make myself a bit more useful these days. I look forward to it, it will be hard work and long days, but I think it will make even my Christmas days special.

All you need is …

You got it.

7 thoughts to “So if you really love Christmas”

  1. No, no not the proud thing. There is nothing to be proud about. To speak with a quote from Love Actually

    “It’s a self preservation thing you see”.

  2. I think that is a really beautiful plan for those days :)

    And I see what you mean about the card – impossible to top that one ;)) Oh well… ;(

  3. It’s perfect. You help other people (in need) and meanwhile you don’t think about X-mas. A win-win situation !

    :…Eight maids a-milking.”

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