I Love London because

London has quotes from Love Actually posted at Tube Stations!

On Saturday I spent an hour or two at an information meeting for the volunteering work I will do at Christmas. I might write a bit more about that later this week.

I had another meeting for the December short film but things are not going quite as planned. I think the probability percentage of this short being made is not very high at the moment but let’s see.

Yesterday afternoon I was celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday in a cinema. She had hired one of the smaller screens in the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead for a private viewing and we watched Some Like It Hot, another classic I’d never seen. It was quite funny.

I got an email from one of my old colleagues from Denmark. He is the oldest person working there, he is 68, and not really looking forward to, at some point, retire. We had a special bond, and I was touched when he wrote me after I left for London, to ask me if I was more happy now. He also told me that I was doing the things he had wanted to do in his life, but he now felt too old to go and do them. I was planning to send him an email this month, but he was there before me. I like that he finishes his mails with “Enjoy life”. I really try to.

I am desperately waiting for my cards to arrive so I can send them to you, but I haven’t seen them yet. It takes them hours to sort out the post here in this building so they might still be there, but I apologize up front for any inconvenience and delays this might cause you! (Update: they have not arrived today either! When Harry Met Sally did though, about a week delayed – it doesn’t look too promising.
20 Giggling Girl postcards have just been brought into my office – hurrah! Will write them and send them out as soon as possible! I am very pleased with them because they look great, very colourful and shiny. I hope you like them too.)

Tonight I hope to watch Enchanted. I haven’t been in the cinema (well sort of but not really) cinema all weekend, and I am having cold-turkey symptoms.
And -when did Patrick Demsey suddenly become all this gorgeous? (Yes I watch Grey’s Anatomy)

How about you, how was your weekend?

6 thoughts to “I Love London because”

  1. Well, me and the misses spend the whole weekend checking things for our trip to Egypt next Saturday. We’re all excited and can’t wait to get to Schiphol. Just a few things on our buy-and-to-do-list and then we’re of to the big sandbox in the Middle East. It will be a sandy X-mas this year

    “…Seven swans a-swimming.”

  2. I had a great weekend, Bibi was with me and we made cookies the Bibi way ;o))
    she also made a beautifulpostcard for you, it`s on its way. enjoy enchanted.

  3. Oooh, I’m very excited about the cards :D and enjoy Enchanted.

    My weekend was so incredibly boring. I stayed in all day – both days – because I had to finish my paper. I wrote ten pages and I’m still not done. I’m only 1½ page short of finishing it though, so yay!

  4. Well.. I spent all weekend thinking about what to write on your card ;-) No, I did not. I bought a kitchen, how exiting is that! (It looks a bit like your new notebook)

  5. I spent part of my weekend at the Christmas party of my husband’s company. It always is an outdoor event for the whole family, somewhere in a forest, with hunting hornists, bread-on-a-stick, a big catering tent, and a conifer plantation where you can choose and (yes!) cut your own Christmas tree. Probably light years away from anything you’d like to do on a bloody cold and sunny Sunday noon, and I apologize for having used the “C” word twice. But it is the time of the year, actually.

  6. @Pedro – very clever, to go to warmer areas and spend xmas on the beach!
    @Miek – cookies the Bibi way, I think I know what that means. :

    @Anna: 1.5 pages – nearly there!

    @Anne: a red kitchen how cool! Look forward to the card though :)

    @Zazz – there is no ban on using the C-word here. I received two more cards today, in the post, and I am starting to like Christmas actually. I think I found a way to give my christmas meaning, which is why I no longer dread it.

    And your day sounds great, I love being outdoors on a cold and sunny Sunday noon too. So it is not lightyears away at all. :)

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