It’s Enchanting

Times Square, New York  - drawing with light
Times Square, New York – drawing with light

I have had a lot of silly ideas throughout the years but having people send me cards on the “Love Actually” theme is definitely one of the best ones ever. When I came home yesterday I found two more cards and they both brought a big smile to my face.

I present you:
Love Actually
Love Christmas Actually

I love them! They are so cool! And Enchanting! They both have Bill on them!

It’s great to see how creative people have been. And just to let you know how powerful those cards are, one of them did not even have a stamp on it (I won’t mention any names … :-) but Royal Mail did not care, they probably Love Love Actually Actually so they delivered it anyway.

Today I will start writing on the cards that I will send in return and I will post them as soon as possible. I hope they won’t be too delayed.

Enchanted was rather fun. Patrick Demsey is lovely and Amy Adams who plays the princess is perfect in her role. Great to see New York as the location for this film, and the mix of animation and real life acting was original, even though I think they could have joked around with that a bit more. It’s a feel good family Christmassy movie.

I just read that Patrick Demsey was in About a Boy too. I have seen that film several times (it’s the only film in which Hugh Grant proves he can act), but I never recognized him in it.

I have to get back to rewriting my feature script too, I received my tutor’s notes on it yesterday. The story line is fine but I need to make the two main characters talk less and do more. Having them not kiss before the very end is a tough challenge too!

4 thoughts to “It’s Enchanting”

  1. Dempsey was in a TV pilot version of About a Boy, not the fun movie version. I wasn’t aware there had ever been a TV pilot. Low-low score, though, it only got a 5-out-of-10 on IMDB.
    Very festive photo up there, I like that!

  2. Ah thanks for clearing that up Michele! I just hadn’t read it properly, I couldn’t believe to have missed him in the movie. And I didn’t it turns out.
    I can see that in the TV pilot, he actually played Will, the role Hugh Grant played in the movie.

    Yes I love the colourful Times Square shots too, I have to go there again some day :)

  3. It’s not actually a ‘love actually’-card, but something’s coming your way.
    I think the new cards are great anyhow !

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