Watch our movie: Persuaded

Our short short (which really is very short!), which is called Persuaded and which is made for the Sky Greenshoot competition is now viewable online. The Sky Greenshoot competition is a competition where you have to make a one minute short film on the theme of Global Warming.

You can watch Persuaded here. (be sure to turn on the sounds, because the background music has been carefully selected!)

This is one of the first things we have made so don’t shoot us immediately, we are learning as we go along!

11 thoughts to “Watch our movie: Persuaded”

  1. I have no idea about the technicalities, but I thought it was very good-humoured (loved the actor!), which is a good way in succeding to pass a message accross – well done!! :)

  2. @Paul : thanks :)

    @Jill – thanks. I am not sure I know too much about the technicalities either, but we didn’t need to use stuntmen for this one :)

    @Anna: we casted him on his ability to eyebrow-act. (really!) he also has a great voice and accent.

  3. Was it intended to have his head just where the green door and the brick wall meet?
    It seems almost like the hinge zigzags through his head.
    Would have loved to see 2 minutes!

  4. This is a great first short short. Doesn’t it make you feel proud every time you read the final credits? Imagine how it will feel when your name appears at the end of a feature film… Well done, indeed!

  5. Fantastic! A pompous Englishman who has to come down from his high horse. How do you come up with it?
    The guy in the short (Julian) has a familar face, but I can’t place him im any movie I know.

    “…Seven swans a-swimming.”

  6. @All: thanks so much for all the positive words here (and in emails!) it really gives me confidence to go and make my longer short (the Cookie one, about 10 minutes) in the spring, even though the thought of it is seriously scaring the willies out of me!

    @Joachim – I see what you mean. Well, the biggest issue I have with this short is the long sequence in the start. We shot it many times from many different angles and closeup and not, in order to cut it in a more interesting way, but it all ended up not being usable, so we had to use this bit!
    See in that way, this was a big learning experience. You learn what you should have shot when you are editing, and you hope you will remember it next time you go out on a shoot.

    @Pedro – well we knew the theme, started brainstorming and it popped up. My thoughts about posh speaking middle 50’s aged actors able to eyebrowe act might have had something to do with it though. Once we had the idea of the bike there was no doubt what kind of character had to do it. :-)

    I don’t think you have seen Julian in anything, he has done a lot of theatre here in the UK, and is an excellent actor, and very friendly too, and I will keep him in mind for other projects for sure.

    @Zazz: yes am slightly proud :)

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